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AT vs. Nordics at Rising Stars Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

AlienTech in a match for the Razer Rising Stars qualifier with a decent prizepool. This is going to be a BO1 on Train and Train isn’t a bad map for AlienTech at all, they know how to play it and had some impressive results on it such as a 15-19 loss against gBots. This is impressive because gBots are insane on Train, and when AlienTech manages to get into OT against them, I’d say that’s quite impressive.

Nordics seem like a mixed team and a mixed team on a map like Train is never a good thing, you need teamwork on this map to get good results and Nordics don’t seem to have that, a bunch of unknown players I never heard of  doesn’t look that promising.

Again, a mix on Train is just not a thing you want, Nodics can proof me wrong here today but I highly doubt they will. AlienTech should be able to win this one, if they do then they will face RCTIC in the next round.

Medium (10%) on AlienTech

My odds for this match: AT 75:25 Nordics

Another game where I am looking at the two teams and thinking okay…and who? I don’t really know these players, nor have I seen anything from them before and from looking around, some of them are not even registered on such sites as ESEA. This leads me to believe they are just some friends who got together for this tournament, and somehow ended up on CSGL. AT showed they are a decent side against k1ck, with a slightly better map pool than I expected which bodes well for this game tonight. As things stand, I would suggest going LOW on AT, as I don’t like betting MED when I don’t really know the sides.

My odds for this match: AT 65:35 Nordics

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AlienTech is a pretty good Portugese team. They took 1 map from k1ck.pt, k1ck.pt as you know are a pretty strong team which beaten NerdRage 2-0, LDLC.White 2-1. They played against gBots 2weeks ago, and AT almost won the first map, it was really close match 17-19 on Train. They’ve been playing around 3months with that lineup with just 1 player changed, BLOODZ.  He’s working good, vs k1ck he was one of the best players on AT.

Nordics is a mix team. They’re from other countries and it can be really hard on Train in-particular , because this is that map where every country calling the places in other words. They’re tier4 players, I just know v1C who played in a good tier4 swedish team.

The winner will play against RCTIC in Risingstars, where there is a pretty cool prize pool. For this reason im not worried about anything weird happening I think both teams will be trying their hardest. Med risky match, because its BO1, but i feel like 16-3 for the Portugese team.

Med (10-12%) on AlienTech


My odds for this match: AT 70:30 Nordics