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ATN 37 63
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This match is going to be really close, overall E-Frag showed better results against very strong teams in the past, they pulled off a ton of massive upsets against teams like ENVYUS, Na`Vi, Gamers2 and Titan, but lately their results were quite disappointing. E-Frag were practicing very hard to IEM World Championship Katowice qualifier, they had to practice with pNshr instead of dream3r as he’s not allowed to participate in Valve’s events because of his VAC ban. E-Frag played with dream3r in their last two matches and performed really bad as they were not prepared due to the lack of practice with dream3r, the first match was a best of two against FlipSid3 in which they got wrecked, the second match was against Vexed and E-Frag managed to tie the series, overall they looked quite bad and completely unprepared.

Alternate did a great job beating No Problem! and PANTERS, they won both matches very convincingly with a one sided scoreline, they struggled a bit against SK Gaming which is not that surprising knowing how strong SK Gaming are, Alternate were still very close to taking the series as they won the first map and they pretty much had the last one in the bag, unfortunately too many mistakes were made and Alternate lost 13-16 on train. Alternate already played a best of three against E-Frag in the middle of November, they took the series 2-0 and both matches looked very easy for the german team.

This is basically a rematch of the series they played in November, Alternate are looking hot right now, E-Frag not so much… I’d slightly favor Alternate here and would suggest a small bet on them, the current odds are quite ridiculous.

My odds for this match: ATN 55:45






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