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World Championships 2018

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Canada vs. Mexico at World Championships 2018 Predictions

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Oki so yesterday this was a complete slaughter. I expect more of the same here to be honest. Looking at the rosters, and although you can not be 100% sure that they will stay the same as for this WC tournament they tend to change quite a bit. Looking at the Canada options however ,I just do not really see how they could drop a BO3 to Mexico unless they really mess up here, and I mean really. Like I said yesterday, sure maybe they somehow drop a map to them, however 3 should just be way out of their reach as the skill ceiling between these two is miles apart. I expect more of the same roster for Canada as we saw yesterday and that is just too strong for the Mexicans here. The ping for Mexico will probably also be a tad high here so my hope levels are low. Not sure what sort of a return you can get yourself here but hey, if you fancy it I think it is a rather safe bet. 95-5Canada


15% Canada here

My odds = 95-5 Canada

My risk = Low

My bet = 15% Canada

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Canada 95:5 Mexico

This match should be super easy for Canada with the way this event was going so far,??Mexico got 16-1’d by USA and I’d say both Canada and USA are basically on the same level, I mean these two are basically mix teams of top NA players so they should be pretty close skill wise, either way, Canada played two matches so far, they beat Guatemala 16-1 and El Salvador 16-0, so basically went 32-1 which is quite funny, Mexico also played two matches, they lost 1-16 against USA as I already menntioned, and managed to beat Dominican Republic 16-4, nothing impressive as I have never heard of any players from Dominican Republic, so I assume the skill gap is quite big.

Nothing else to add as both “teams” played only two matches each so that’s it, Canada should be able to win this match very convincingly.

My odds for this match: Canada 90:10 Mexico

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