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Match Predictions

by: myzz
Risk: Medium

Two teams who have gone through roster changes here for our first NA game of the night. Anyone who heard Methods coms would know they are all over the place and it was no surprise they dispensed with the services of one of their players, as something had to change. They removed MAiNLiNE and have been playing with Toy lately who was in Mortality before. I’m not sure how much this will have affected them but they seemed decent vs Liquid, albeit hard to decide if that was Method being good, or Liquid being bad.

NME since they made the step up have found things hard and have recently changed two players. Their IGL of Ryu decided to step down at the end of the season, and they recently removed zNf. I heard rumours he was toxic and reading the forums on ESEA, it is clear there is some bad blood among the parties involved. Relyks and MAiNLiNE are the ones drafted in, and the latter will be trying his hardest to show Method made a mistake in dispatching of him.

This should be a good game, but I would give the edge slightly to Method. They are a well drilled and organised team, where as NME seem to be more loose, and rely on koosta and aim duels to win them the rounds they need. Looking at the odds on CSGL, I would say if they stay below 60% on Method, I would recommend going on them. They are a mess, but they seem to get the job done some how. With this being a BO2, your skins should at least be safe.

My odds for this match: NME 40:60 Method

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