RGN Freedom! Cup

Best Of


Winner Conquest
Live Odds
CLG 23
Conquest 77
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Match Predictions

Conquest should have this game in the bag, they beat CLG in the last two head to head matches and CLG are using pita as a stand in since they cut FNS not too long ago, their recent results are also way better than CLG’s so it should be even easier for Conquest this time.

CLG played two matches with pita so far, they got demolished by SPLYCE in a best of three for ELEAGUE Vegas qualifier, they didn’t even win a single map, another match was a best of three against an ESEA-Open team called “VeloX”, CLG dropped a map against them and looked quite shaky on cache, I just don’t see them taking down Conquest here, especially knowing that Conquest have a best of 3 advantage, they have to win one BO3, while CLG have to win two BO3’s.

I suggest a medium bet on Conquest here.

My odds for this match: CLG 20:80 Conquest






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