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CLG vs. G2 at Game Show Global Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

Gamers2 are the clear favorites coming into this match, Gamers2 almost topped their group by beating Cloud9 twice before choking against Astralis. Gamers2 looked great so far and it’s not that hard to see that they actually prepared for this tournament, their series against Astralis was by far the best one they had in a while, haven’t seen Gamers2 perform so well in a long time.

CLG surprised me quite a lot during this event, I expected a stomp from ENVYUS and then FlipSid3 to eliminate them from the tournament, but CLG did a great job and played very well, they were actually close to beating ENVYUS in the first match as it was 1-1 and CLG had a decent lead on the last map, unfortunately they couldn’t close it out and ENVYUS managed to come back. CLG took a map off of ENVYUS in both matches and beat FlipSid3 quite easily, I guess it was worth bootcamping in Sweden right before this tournament.

I think Gamers2 will take this one quite easily despite CLG’s amazing performance, could be close but I believe they will pull through here.

My odds for this match: CLG 30:70 G2

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So unlike their American counterpart Cloud9, I actually feel that CLG has been showing us some good CS so far, excluding the second two maps versus Envy in that second BO3 they played of course. I do think that going into this matchup, CLG has a decent chance of upsetting, however they still are the underdogs by quite a bit for me, mainly due to the amount of work G2 has been putting in this LAN so far. None of the less, for CLG to win they will obviously need their star players to play out of their minds here, JDM, Tarik especially need to be on point. They obviously debuted their new addition Fugly in this LAN, and honestly he impressed me quite a bit, I was not necessarily expecting such a high performance from him, however he did well and that’s good signs for CLG, he is that kind of a guy who you can just consistently expect to do a good job, maybe not out of this world fragging, however he is up there somewhere. CLG does not stand out to be a consistent team to me however, they definitely have their troubles and once again, comes down to their key players, JDM and Tarik just not really finding too much form often, maybe JDM should sit up instead of leaning in his chair, jk. Back to their performance so far, the first match against Envy sure Envy played subpar, however still credit where it’s due, and versus Flipsid3, I think the score lies a bit, that was theirs everyday all day, and it was just about closing it out, a problem that CLG is seemingly struggling with, which can not happen vs a team like Gamesr2. Overall, definitely the underdogs for me, however don’t count them out, a on fire JDM and Tarik can be scarily good, however unlikely they both go off crazily enough to carry CLG to a victory in a BO3. Hazed and Cutler are still weaknesses for me, especially Hazed.


So of course Ex Titan. They really did impress me yesterday actually, sure their first match score versus Cloud9 may be close, however I really do think that the score lies here a bit. Gamers2 were the better team for me there, they won their rounds cleanly, and for the most part the whole team contributed while on Cloud9 you were relying on Skadoodle to go absolutely nuts and win the rounds for them, which he very often surprisingly did, and then there were high advantage situations, that G2 really should be winning, that they ended up losing. So due to these mistakes, they lose out Cache, win Train which I feel they deserved and demolished on Cloud9, deserved victory I feel. Then of course they faced off versus Astralis, and honestly that series was theirs, They lost Train due to a very poor T side, managed to win Overpass and on Cache they had a 14:11 lead I believe on the CT side, lose a 1v3, go on tilt and lose the game in overtime, really should not be happening, overall a good performance but simply failed to close it out. Then they faced Cloud9 again, and that was just a white wash, something that should’ve happened the first time around if Skadoodle was not carrying as hard. So yeah, overall I definitely feel that Gamers2 did well today, and should be the favorites here, as they indivudally are more skilled and their map pool is deeper, however the trouble comes to their consistency. This is G2, they can be gods one day, and bots the other, and we already saw today in some maps ScreaM was quiet to start, which is never good as he is one of the players that has to be shining here. Be careful with G2, I would not put all your hopes and skins on them due to these consistency issues.


So overall I do feel that G2 should be taking this, however we did see signs of inconsistency in some of the G2 players, which they are very, very prone to happening, so I am not overly confident here. CLG are not the most consistent of teams either, and I do not reckon they should pull off this BO3 on a regular basis, however not counting them out. As long as G2 play the same way they played yesterday, excluding the closing out mistakes and high advantage round losses, they should be able to take this. Overall, for me this is a 67-33 in favor of G2, however it is a high risk game, so be careful with your bets. If CLG can keep ScreaM, Shox and Smithz quiet, it could be curtains.


Going to play the odds here due to the high risk involved. As long as G2 is below 73%, I will drop 5% on them here, however if they are above it, I will go 2-3% on CLG in the hopes of an upset. It is a very high risk game, so only low bets please for your own sake.

My odds = 67-33 G2

My risk = High

My bet = 5% G2 if under 73%, otherwise 2-3% CLG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CLG 33:67 G2

Going into this game I feel like this could be a some what close encounter, but with the roster CLG have, I find it hard to believe they will take down G2. G2 have better riflers, and as we have all seen with the stats the last days, JDM has to have an AWP or he is useless. If G2 with the brain of Ex6TenZ shut him down, it really makes this game almost impossible for CLG to win.

In tarik they have a player who has shown star potential, but recently is in decline. I don’t recall the last game I saw tarik carry for his side. FugLy looked better than him the other day and made more of an impact. When you move over to the boys of G2, they all stepped up when they had too, even their IGL. Shox went big a few games yesterday, so did ScreaM, even their IGL did. Their main problem against astralis was they just messed up the last few rounds, or they would of taken this game 2-1.

I don’t think CLG has enough right now to take down G2 who seem to be in good form. G2 are an inconsistent side, so be wary as they might come into this game and play poorly, but if they play as they did yesterday, especially their game against C9, I think they should take this game 2-0, 2-1 at the very worst if they have a poor map. I would suggest going MED and nothing higher with it being a HIGH risk.

My odds for this match: CLG 35:65 G2

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Both teams had a good run so far although, I have to favour G2. G2 so far are really looking like the good old Titan, the good old tier1 Titan who were able to beat any team really, so far, Shox, ScreaM and especially RpK have all played lights out, so extremely well and I can’t wait to see them play again. CLG had a really good performance as well so far, they maybe did have the weaker opponents but they did manage to take down FlipSid3 quite comfortably and we shouldn’t underestimate FlipSid3, CLG impressed me, I didn’t think they would come this far but they did with their new roster. Me personally can’t wait to see this match as it’s going to be awesome.


G2 right now are on fire and I don’t think they will drop this one. The winner of this  will face Dignitas, so that will be a hard opponent to reach the finals but I definitely think G2 can make it. I don’t think the maps matter that much, even when jdm goes ham, I can see G2 taking it 2:0 worst case scenario 2:1.


Low / Medium on G2, this match is still somewhat risky and we just want to see a good match and not lose a ton of skins. Let’s go with 8% of our inventories for now.

My odds for this match: CLG 30:70 G2