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420.9 Steam Hours
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Slemmy Stewie2k shroud Skadoodle n0thing
fnx TACO coldzera fer FalleN

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16:3 3 weeks ago
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Cloud9 vs. LG at ELeague Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


Alrighty so C9 did quite well yesterday, however that was versus Liquid who looked quite dire yesterday, they ar eplaying versus the big boys now, and this will be a real test for them, one that I am not so confident about C9 now, however definitely possible, especially given the format of a BO1. LG looked both strong and weak yesterday, mostly their Cobble was weak, they nearly dropped the map to Renegades and Liquid, so if Cobble does come up make sure to perhaps size a bet on C9 if odds are good enough, however I’d believe LG went back to their hotels and looked at what they did wrong. Head to head wise this is also looking scary, they seem to struggle versus LG quite a bit, especially recently however C9 seem to be improving, they have picked up Slemmy and what not so maybe that is a sign of improvement, and this will also probably be Slemmy’s biggest test so far, so definitely interesting. I do think LG should take this, however BO1’s give Stewie, Ska and Shroud a good display, both pistols and they can definitely do it, however will be tough. Overall 75-25 in favor of LG


5% LG under 82%, otherwise 2% C9

My odds = 75-25 LG

My risk = High

My bet =??5% LG under 82%, otherwise 2% C9

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Cloud9 25:75 LG

Option 2Bet Cloud9 if odds 18% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

So here we have another best of one for ELEAGUE, this time we have a match between the winners as both Cloud9 and Luminosity wan all of their matches so far. Luminosity definitely looked better and they are the clear favorites to win this event, however they had two shaky matches, one each against Liquid and Renegades – both on cobblestone, the first one was very close and Luminosity won it 19-17 in overtime, second one was a massive come back, Luminosity were down 3-12 and managed to win the match 16-14 which is just insane.

Cloud9 played only two maps against Liquid so far, they beat them 16-11 on dust2 and 16-2 on cache, it may seem like Cloud9 played well since the scores are very one sided, however it was mostly Liquid’s fault and a lot of communication issues on their side, they really have some internal issues right now and that’s the main reason of their terrible performance. Cloud9 also played a couple of online matches, they kinda struggled in those matches but still managed to win most of them, they had one terrible match against compLexity which they barely won 2-1, one of compLexity’s players played with 100+ ping since he was still in UK, and they also had a stand in, other than that, Cloud9 also beat Liquid, CLG and TSM.

Cloud9 look fine but I don’t think they will be able to beat Luminosity in such a big league, I strongly believe that Luminosity will take both matches and I’d go with two medium bets on each.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 20:80 LG

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