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277.5 Steam Hours
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Slemmy Stewie2k shroud Skadoodle n0thing
Niko denis Spiidi nex chrisJ

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10 months ago

Cloud9 vs. mouz at ESL Predictions

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This match is pretty straightforward, I don’t really understand the current odds because I believe that mousesports will win this match quite easily, but I guess people are going with Cloud9 due to mousesports’ struggle against Fluffy Gangsters, mouz won that match 19-16, it was a very close match mostly because NiKo and chrisJ didn’t show up in the first half, they kinda “woke up” on the second half and mousesports looked way better.

Cloud9 is one of the best teams in North America right now, people keep saying that they are the best but I still think that Optic are slightly better and definitely more consistent, Cloud9 played Empire in the first match and did just fine, they won that match 16-12 and I kinda expected it to be way easier since it was cobblestone which is one of Cloud9’s best maps at the moment, another reason why I thought it’s going to be one sided is due to C9’s performance in ELEAGUE, they went 3-1 against Renegades, 2-0’d Liquid very easily and almost beat Luminosity in a best of three, pretty good results overall.

Both teams are playing well, but mousesports are the clear favorites coming into this match and honestly I don’t see Cloud9 winning it, this is a best of one and everything is possible but mousesports should be able to win in the end.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 30:70 mouz

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Pretty hard to call game as both sides looked poor on their first day and both sides rely on inconsistent players to step up to make the difference. Chrisj niko nex vs Stewie skadoodle and shroud. It is an interesting match up and one that could go either way. The issue for C9 is, every map they want to play, is a really strong map for mouz as well. D2 and Cache are maps that mouz would love to get, and because of this, and the star power being slightly higher in the mouz camp, I would have to give them the slight edge here. Under 60%, I would go LOW on mouz, but this is a game that could really go either way. Slemmy seems to really struggle against higher EU teams and I think if he plays poorly and it is almost 4v5, c9 will struggle.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 40:60 mouz

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Option 2Bet Cloud9 if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk


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