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Cloud9 vs. OG at ESL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


First match between these two on CSGOLounge and this time around it is Cache. Cache is a map that both teams can play obviously, it is notoriously the ”NA” map so to speak where basically all NA teams can play it, to some extent at least. It has to favor Cloud9 here however, Cloud9 are pretty sick on this map if I must say so myself, and OpTic are good don’t get me well, but they are underwhelming on it at the same time and don’t play it all too often. There is this tingling feeling inside of me that Cloud9 will just come out on top of everything and just shut down critics in the long run, like do well in NA and internationally, probably not but something inside of me is saying that, maybe just spending too much time with Sl0th. The thing is, apart from Shroud and Stewie, the cloud9 guys have really lackluster hours these past 2 weeks on CSGO. You’d expect a lot more considering the situation they are, with Shroud and Stewie you’d expect it since streamer and FPL grinder, however the others really need to step up I feel.

The OpTic guys are not that impressive either, however they do have 2 profiles on private so I don’t know too much on average, however from the unprivate accounts, 50-60 hours average which is more than the C9 guys excluding Shroud and Stewie of course. This game, like any other C9 game will really come down to if Shroud and Skadoodle are hitting their shots, whenever I have been watching C9 as of recent it’s always those two, and well historically too but right now more so than ever before. If those two are quiet and OpTic are hitting their shots, I can definitely see them taking this. We obviously see them take out Liquid a few days ago, so that is definitely positive signs here. 60-40 in favor of C9 here, just play the odds here ,and as it stands right now that would be a low on OpTIc.


2-3% Cloud9 if below 66%, otherwise 2-3% OpTic. Could really go eitherway, just really depends if Shroud and Ska are feeling it here I feel.  If those two are full on firing, it gets sooooo so so annoying because they can win games so easily single-handedly.

My odds = 60-40 C9

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% C9 if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% OG

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: Cloud9 60:40 OpTic Gaming

First BO1 between these two teams is going to be on Cache. Now, Cache is most definitely Cloud9’s best map, they can literally compete against any team on this map and are extremely consistent on it. Cloud9’s best side on this map is their CT side, they consistently seem to be getting 11+ CT rounds which is extremely impressive. The scary part is Cloud9’s T side, they always seem to struggle on this side but in the end, they always seem to win it.

OG are also a team who are extremely good on Cache. OG’s most impressive win recently was the 2-1 over Liquid, they lost one map and that was indeed, Cache. This was with a 16-7 scoreline and OG had a disappointing CT side here.

This could potentially be a really close match as it’s a BO1 but Cloud9 simply seem to dominate on Cache against all teams. OG surely aren’t bad on Cache but the 16-7 loss against Liquid somewhat worries me. I think Cloud9 should be able to take this one in a close BO1.

Low (5%) on Cloud9

My odds for this match: Cloud9 65:35 OpTic Gaming

Should be a good game and a hard one to call. We have seen both sides perform well on Cache, and both sides perform poorly. Overall though, I feel like the wins for C9 were against much better opposition than OpTic, who except for November last year, have not really beaten anyone of note on this map. Their games against the ‘bigger’ sides as you could call them, were all losses, including their 16-7 loss on the same map against Liquid just a few days ago. I have also seen them lose to WFX on it, and have a terrible CT side. C9 are known for having a strong CT side, and a weak T side, but if the CT side of OpTic is not up to par, then C9 will take this game.

It is still a close call predicting this one, but I just fancy C9 and would suggest going LOW on them. A BO1 like this is far too risky to go more than that on.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 65:35 OpTic Gaming

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