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Cloud9 vs. Tectonic at CEVO Predictions

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So freakazoid just left Cloud9 and they will use adreN as a stand in, both players are very good but freakazoid was their entry fragger and adreN is an awper/IGL so someone else will have to entry for Cloud9 now, it’s gonna be either shroud or Stewie2k since noone else really fits that role, either way, I don’t really think it matters since Cloud9 should be able to destroy Tectonic regardless of who’s going to do that, the skill gap between the players is just insane and I’m pretty sure Cloud9 will take this even if they pug it out.

Tectonic is basically a mediocre mix team right now with a bunch of pretty bad players, they failed in ESEA Premier and didn’t even make it to playoffs, also lost many scrims against terrible teams and I know that scrims don’t really matter, but it is still good to check stuff like this.

Well basically Cloud9 shouldn’t even drop a map here, should be a safe match for a max bet.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 90:10 Tectonic

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Don't waste skins on this match.

Almost feels weird to say that adreN is now playing with c9 and I expect them to play better, because a few weeks ago, you would have thought I was crazy for even suggesting that. Such has his stock risen in such a short period of time, that he must be rubbing his hands with how things are going. Now with koosta and the boys doing so poorly, I wonder if he has already heard from Liquid with asking about if he can come back. Anyway, his focus for tonight will be on this game, and I am sure he will want to put on a good showing. I think the balance in the side will be a lot better, and he can take a more passive role, and help the coach with calling. Tectonic are not a bad side, but I don’t see C9 losing this game. LARGE on c9 should be a safe bet.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 80:20 Tectonic

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Pretty simple stuff here, C9 should be winning this without a doubt here. Tectonic are a decent side when on form, however that form does not come often and even them on form they should not challenge C9. Obviously no Freakazoid here given that he just cut, instead Adren is playing here, and it might even benefit C9 as there will be some leadership, plus Adren had a good performance at the major so he might not necessarily be dead weight here. Not much to say, 85-15 in favor of C9.



15% C9 if your 15% is above 300$, otherwise skip/ICB Tectonic

My odds = 85-15 C9

My risk = Low

My bet  = 15% C9

My advice = 15% C9 if 15% above 300$

My odds for this match: Cloud9 85:15 Tectonic