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Cloud9 vs. Tyloo at ESL Predictions

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Honestly this is one that you should be skipping and I will be skipping. With the current odds, there is no real reason to bet on this, at all as the odds are super safe and just picking the winner in this is really hard. This BO1 you can argue that either team deserves to be the favorites here, for me it is Tyloo coming out as slight favorites here. Cloud9 are a team that has more experience on the international scene and we know a lot more about them when comparing them to international opponents, meanwhile Tyloo do not really come out of the Asian scene, however when they have they have done really well, which kinda upsets the balance, and since they do not come out often it makes you wonder, are they doing well because people do not know what to expect or are they genuinely just really good players. It will take a bit of time, probably past this even to fully confirm this, meanwhile I am just sitting back, relaxing and trying to get a good judgement of them. 55-45 in favor of Tyloo here, not going to go too in-depth as I think everyone should be skipping this.


Skip this, not a good game to bet on.

My odds = 55-45

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: Cloud9 45:55 Tyloo

This is indeed a very tricky match, it may seem like Cloud9 have more experienced player on their side, they played this game on the highest level for a very long time and had some insane moments here and there, but the tricky part is that we don’t really know how good TyLoo are, this is TyLoo’s second lan event outside of Asia and they already showed us that they are capable of beating any team, TyLoo already managed to upset Luminosity in a best of three in the past, I believe it was on the semi final of Dreamhack Malmo but I could be wrong, this qualifier is also going very well for them, so far they beat Immortals 16-11 and had a relatively close match against Gamers2.

Cloud9 are alright, they are kinda like Virtus.pro, sometimes they are insane and the next day they are crap, they did fine in their group on ELEAGUE beating Renegades and Liquid, also almost beat Luminosity in the final of the group, pretty good performance overall, not the best start for the ESL One Qualifier though, they barely beat Empire 16-12, their match against mousesports went better as they managed to get 12 rounds, but they did a lot of stupid mistakes and could actually win that match, shroud also played really bad and he was the main reason of that loss.

Both teams look fine, I personally think that TyLoo should be slightly favored and I would suggest placing a small bet on them, Cloud9 are way too inconsistent to trust them unless their odds are extremely low. Keep in mind that this match is still kinda 50-50 and could go either way, I just think that TyLoo will take it.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 45:55 Tyloo

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Should be a really interesting game and honestly the one I am most looking forward too. Some of the play from TyLoo is incredibly smart, and I can really see them being a top team in the future. They have the skill, and the tactics, now all they need is the csgo experience. C9 looked pretty shaky yesterday, but their overall play on Mirage in recent times, apart from a good win against LG, have been pretty poor. They did have their moments, but shroud has been missing for a while, and unless he steps up massively, this will be really hard for C9. I can imagine them being out smarted by a really dedicated hard working side, and I honestly am really hoping for TyLoo to take this one. Under 60%, I will for sure go LOW on the Chinese side, and hope they can live the NA team in a lesson on strategy and teamwork.

My odds for this match: Cloud9 40:60 Tyloo

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Option 2Bet Cloud9 if odds 40% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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