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Counter Logic Gaming vs. NRG eSports Predictions

Well, CLG actually beat NRG at the recent LAN which I did not expect, as to me on paper, NRG are a lot better side. That being said, they do make a whole load of mistake that to watch is just hurting my brain. How they throw away so many anti ecos is beyond me and they need to fix these mistakes big time. The other news is of course nahtE can’t play today, due to the age restrictions, and so far the 5th has not been announced. I would have to favour NRG here due to playing with their full roster and would go LOW on them to take this.

My odds for this match: CLG 40:60 NRG

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This match seems pretty easy, but I’m kinda affraid for some reason, NRG already showed their inconsistency when CLG beat them on Northern Arena, this time it’s a little bit different though, NRG stepped it up, they wrecked Echo Fox and Selfless recently, on top of that CLG will have to use a stand in as nahtE is not allowed to play due to age restrictions, so that’s even better for NRG bettors.

Last time these two teams met CLG won 16-14 on cobble, lost 13-16 on overpass and won 16-9 on mirage, I’m pretty sure NRG learned from their mistakes, I mean it’s not that hard to see that NRG improved a lot in the recent weeks, I also hope they will do better with the map vetoes this time, CLG have like 3-4 good maps while NRG are great on basically any map, maybe besides train.

I’m kinda affraid of two things though, first is CLG’s stand in, I have no idea who’s going to play with them, they always use LILMAN so perhaps they will use him again, I’d hope so as LILMAN is pretty bad. Second thing is Subroza, this guy is so shady it’s insane, it probably won’t matter as he’s not insane enough to completely change the outcome of this match, but it’s quite scary, either way, betting on NRG was my initial plan even before I realized that CLG will play with a stand in, so now it should be even easier, therefore I’m placing a medium bet on NRG.

My odds for this match: CLG 30:70 NRG

Follow @CSGOstan


So right off the bat young Nate isn’t playing here because well, he is too young. I think he is 16 and you need to be at least 17 to play in E-League so that is just a lol. Ahm Twistz and Kaboose aren’t able to play either for their respective teams if I recall correctly so that’s a bit of a bummer, pretty important players for their teams, well…Twistz at least. That being said CLG are a bit notorious for getting terrible standins so that’s that, god damn Lilman ’boutta demolish NRG…just kidding. NRG are in really good form right now, if you look at their results you can see really good things, they have definitely been playing above expectations and hopefully they can keep it up. You can never count out CLG when you have the man, the myth, the legend, Subroza amongst your ranks. I swear that guy is running a social experiment to determine how long he can cheat for and how blatantly before somebody steps in. Last time these two played CLG did win however meh, super close two first maps and they had Nahte and what not. I will favor NRG here because I think that right now their players are in better form and they play better as a team compared to CLG. CLG are just in shambles and need some reworking, seriously. Of course CLG can win, they have the players to however 65-35 NRG here


5% NRG under 72%, otherwise 2% CLG

My odds = 65-35 NRG

My risk = High

My bet = 5% NRG under 72%, otherwise 2% CLG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: CLG 35:65 NRG

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