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Astralis vs. Dignitas at ESL One Predictions


First match of the major and it is rather tricky to say the least. Of course Astralis does not have CajunB nor Kjaerbye playing here instead they have Glaive standin for them, and Cajun will be playing for Dignitas so quite interesting, I can just imagine the amount of ‘Cajun was the problem’ if Dig wins haha. Glaive is not a bad player, not at all however I wouldn’t say he was the best choice nor is he the same level of a player like Kjaerbye or Cajun would be, however he’ll do, I guess. I still expect Astralis to take this home, matches between Astralis and Dignitas usually end one way, Astralis’ way. Recently the spell of Astralis just dominating Dignitas has been ended a few times here and there, however I still do think that Astralis should take this, but then again it is a BO1 so you can never be too sure. Both teams form wise are not looking the best, not at all, especially Astralis recently, losing to C9 and TSM which is….interesting to say the least. They have been bootcamping however so that is that. Dig right now just are not looking convincing, and apparently they are getting roster changes and what not so that is that. Overall, 70-30 Astralis here.


5% Astralis under 77%, otherwise 2% Dig

My odds = 70-30 Astralis

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Astralis under 77%, otherwise 2% Dig

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Astralis 70:30 Dignitas

Option 2Bet Dignitas if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

So this is the first match of the ESL One Cologne major and I’m not very happy with that because I felt like going with Astralis but the odds are way too far from being accurate, especially with the way Astralis have been playing lately, they recently attended ECS Season 1 Finals with a huge prize pool of $765,000 and surprisingly got knocked out by Americans, that’s right, Astralis finished on the last place of their group losing 12-16 against TSM and 0-2 against Cloud9, they didn’t win a single map, they also played quite poorly on Dreamhack Summer where they struggled against a mix team of ex-SK players and choked against NiP in the semis.

dignitas have been playing quite bad ever since they replaced Kjaerbye with cajunb, losing against teams like FaZe, HellRaisers, and few stronger teams such as fnatic, Gamers2 and mousesports, not like they didn’t have any good matches though, dignitas also had few closer series against Astralis, ENVYUS, FaZe and beat a couple of decent teams, but they seem to be very inconsistent at the moment, not that surprising since they lost their best player, but still I would expect more from them.

So knowing that both teams have been struggling lately and the fact that this is a best of one, the only reasonable bet is a small one on dignitas, the odds are just stupid right now.

My odds for this match: Astralis 65:35 Dignitas

Follow @CSGOstan

First game of the event and we have an all Danish affair, kind of. Of course is mainly all Danes playing and it will be really interesting to see what happens. Dignitas and especially Cajunb will want to do well in this game to show them what they are missing out on for kicking him. Astralis with gla1ve as a stand-in, really just want to get out of the groups and will be happy with that. I do heavily favour astralis going into this game, but their map pool will be weaker than usual, and they have been in a pretty bad slump as of late. I do worry for Dignitas because the last event I saw, MSL literally did the worst vetos you can ever imagine, and if he messes up again here it will be ripnitas. Overall, 70-30 in favour of Astralis and will bet accordingly.

My odds for this match: Astralis 70:30 Dignitas

Follow @myzz_cs
Option 2Bet Dignitas if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

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