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3 months ago

Astralis vs. Gambit at ESL One Predictions

This match should be pretty straightforward as Astralis are the clear favorites and they played very well against dignitas even though overpass is one of dig’s best map, they looked great even though gla1ve is standing in for them, I expected dignitas to pull off an upset but gla1ve played way better than I thought he would and karrigan also had a lot of very impactful rounds and won a couple of crucial clutches, they just looked great overall as a team. So the first match of the major went well for Astralis, but don’t forget their “run” on ECS where they didn’t even win a single map and got knocked out by two North American teams – TSM and Cloud9.

Gambit played alright against CLG, they should have stomped them as they had a great start, I believe it was like 7-2 or maybe even 7-1 and then they kinda choked and CLG came back so the first half went 8-7 in favor of Gambit, while it could be like 11-4 or maybe even 12-3 with they way they’ve been playing there, they finished the match with a 16-13 score though, other than that Gambit also looked great on the major qualifiers where they beat ENVYUS, Gamers2 and Optic, but played like complete crap in the online matches, so Gambit is clearly very inconsistent.

I think Astralis will take this match quite easily as long as they veto train, this is by far Gambit’s best map and they pulled off amazing upsets on it.


My odds for this match: Astralis 80:20 Gambit

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This is one that Astralis should not be losing really. The score versus Dignitas yesterday I think does not speak the full story, Dignitas got quite a bit lucky on most of the rounds they won and what not which just caused disturbance for Astralis, and also the Astralis guys didn’t seem 100% on form as we saw Device and Gla1ve having to carry frag wise. I do think that Dignitas are a better team compared to Gambit, so this should in theory be easier. Meanwhile Gambit went up against CLG and that was way closer than I expected, just expected Gambit to plow through CLG seeing their current shape, however that was not the case. However once again, score is a bit misleading I’d say. Koosta went off on CT side and won them a few rounds single handedly which you can not rely on every round, and then Hazed somehow found form and dropped 30 kills which is just lol and should not happen often. There really is not much to say here, Astralis should just take this and move on. Gambit are not a horrible team, however this should be a step too far for them. It is a BO1 however so you always have to be careful. 75-25 Astralis


8% Astralis under 82%, otherwise 2% Gambit

My odds = 75-25 Astralis

My risk = Medium

My bet – 8% Astralis under 82%, otherwise 2% Gambit

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Astralis 75:25 Gambit

Option 2Bet Gambit if odds 18% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

First game of the day and it should be a good one. I do heavily favour Astralis going into this game, and really do believe they will take it with some what ease, but the odds are getting incredibly bad for a BO1, and you know in a BO1, if you win both pistols, the chances are high you will take the BO1 as well. Looking at the maps, I could see Train coming out again as both teams are not bad on it. D2 as well maybe. Overall though, this is a game that astralis should be taking, but with the odds as they are right now, ICB or SKIP, might be the only logical bet right now.

My odds for this match: Astralis 75:25 Gambit

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