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Dignitas vs. CLG at ESL One Predictions

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Well the first day didn’t go well for me, that best of one format tricked me again and I was so sure that we will see a lot of upsets, not many happened though. I’m gonna try my best to get better results today and, sadly we are starting the day with a pretty tricky match, I’m not very confident with my pick here so be careful with your bets.

I picked dignitas to beat CLG here, not only because they are a better team in general, but CLG have a new lineup, they lost jdm and got koosta instead, that’s a small downgrade and could actually work very well for CLG, but the second player is pita and even though he did fine yesterday he’s just not a very good fragger, originally he’s their coach and his goal is to call strats, he was also inactive for a very long time and it may hurt CLG quite a lot here.

Looking at the recent results I have to say that CLG didn’t look that bad at all, in fact they had jdm in those matches and that could be the key factor of their success, but still taking a map off of Astralis on a lan event is a decent result, they also won a map against NRG eSports and beat ex-SK Gaming 2-1, all on lan, but as I said, jdm was top fragging on all of those matches and he was by far the best player in CLG, they won’t be as good without him.

dignitas are alright, they’ve been quite silent ever since cajunb replaced Kjaerbye, but still showed a couple of promising results, they wrecked TyLoo on the major qualifier, also beat Renegades and Empire but these teams are quite bad so it doesn’t really matter, out of the better results dignitas managed to go 2-0 against TSM, and played two very close matches against FaZe and Astralis which they almost won, they definitely look better than CLG and their players are pretty consistent unlike some of CLG’s players like Cutler or tarik.

So yea I’m not very confident with dignitas here but I’m pretty sure they will take it, we should either see overpass, mirage or cobblestone as these maps are very good for both teams, I’d say dignitas should be favored on all of those maps and I just don’t feel like going with CLG here so dignitas is my pick.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 CLG

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Dig should take this honestly. Once again I think that this current CLG lineup is in life support mode. Scorewise sure they did good vs Gambit yesterday, however whoever watched it can tell you that much of it came just from two players, Koosta having a few really crucial late CT rounds, which we all know Koosta he will probably not repeat consistently. Also Hazed somehow managed to get over 30 kills which just will not happen regularly, so that’s that too. As I said previously, Tarik is slumping hard too and he apparently wants to leave, and it kinda showed yesterday, he performed bad. Cutler still slumping hard, he came out on Twitter too talking down upon his recent form, and that isn’t good, he needs motivation and confidence right now, not him talking shit about himself, not encouraging. Digntias themselves got a few very fortunate breaks vs Astralis, but still given that it was Overpass and vs Astralis, respect where it is due. I do expect CLG to just fall out here, their roster is nowhere near settled and looking good. 70-30 Dig


5% Dig under 77%, otherwise 2% CLG

My odds = 70-30 Dig

My risk = High

My bet =??5% Dig under 77%, otherwise 2% CLG

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 CLG

Option 2Bet CLG if odds 23% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Dignitas actually looked okay yesterday and could have taken astralis if they had won a few key rounds. CLG looked, well hard to call really. When your manager and hazed are top fragging, something is going wrong, and the rest really need to step it up today. I don’t feel like tarik really cares right now, his performances don’t seem like he does anyway. He lost them some key rounds against Gambit with dumb peaks, and I expect more of the same today. The map for this game is quite hard to call, but I could see an Overpass, or a Cobble coming out. I think Dig will try to avoid D2, even if they have played it a lot lately. I would have to say this game is a 65-35, 70-30 perhaps due to the maps, and would work from that.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 70:30 CLG

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Option 2Bet CLG if odds 25% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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