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Hahahah yeah, no. Empire vs Planetkey yesterday, lets go through a small checklist here and compare yesterdays match to today’s.

  1. 3 Thousand tournament for 1st place = Tick
  2. Random German team that Empire should destroy = Tick
  3. Dave standin = Tick
  4. Heavily one sided odds = Tick

I do not like to accuse teams of not trying or whatever, however Empire yesterday was comedy. I watched the game since I was struggling to understand how they are getting so demolished by Planetkey on the scorebot, however what I saw was wow. Like I play better afterplants than Empire in that game, peeking everything, no concern over any angles in 2v2’s, straight up pushing and not caring about angles, it was comedy, and then you think this is the team that recently beat AGG. This is a game that Empire should be winning, and if they do win I am not surprised, however I am not risking a single skin on Empire here. The best thing you can do is honestly just ICB this on Killerfish and pray on the best. Random German team once again in a 5k tournament, yeah no thank you, made a mistake putting any trust into Empire yesterday already.


Empire should destroy Killerfish, however same was supposed to happen versus Planetkey. Just skip this or if ICB is low on the odds, ICB them. Once again, Empire should win, however betting on them at these odds is not worth it at all.

My odds = 80-20 Empire

My risk = High

My bet = Skipping unless KFish get really low odds and i’ll ICB them

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: Empire 80:20 KFish


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