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Ence vs. Epsilon at Asus ROG Tournament Predictions

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This even is nuts, all those teams are basically on the same level and the matches are pretty much 50-50, especially this one, Epsilon vs ENCE is basically a classic matchup at this point, these teams played six??maps against each other and ENCE managed to win four, but these matches were extremely close, 16-14, 14-16, 16-12 and stuff like that, so it’s definitely quite hard to predict who is going to take it today.

Personall I think that Epsilon is a better team, both are very inconsistent just like the rest of tier 2 teams, but Epsilon have been stepping it up lately, they also managed to win PGL 2018 Summer which was a great event for them, other than that Epsilon had a couple of shaky online matches, they lost against ENCE and Alternate, barely beat LeiSure and then wrecked MK which makes no sense but I guess that’s how tier 2 / 3 CS works, this event was quite shaky for them as well, they lost the first match against Millenium, beat LGR in a close match afterwards and then struggled against Escape, but took the series 2-1 in the end.

ENCE’s recent results are not as good as Epsilon’s, still “fine” though, they lost a ton of matches against teams like Escape, MK, Spirit, Team X and Alternate, barely beat LGR 2-1 two days ago, in fact ENCE almost pulled off a choke of the century, luckily managed to close it out 25-23 on the last map. ENCE started this event with a 2-0, wasn’t easy though, 16-10 against ArchAngels is fine, but the second match against Space Soldiers was extremely close and props to ENCE for coming back, they were down like 2-10 on the CT side of mirage, managed to come back on their own T side and won the match 22-19 in a double overtime, pretty impressive come back, but very shaky performance there.

All that stuff makes this match very hard to predict, my personal favorites is Epsilon, I would give them a very small edge here due to their recent results, but this match is nothing more than a coin flip, honestly either team can win here and you should consider skipping it, I’ll stick to my bet on Espilon though.

My odds for this match: Ence 45:55 Epsilon

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Impossibly hard to predict game between two sides that are incredibly even and their last 2 games against one another shows this as well. Ence won both 2-1, but the maps were so close this game is still a pure 50-50. I would say on paper, Epsilon have more skill in their side but the Ence boys are more organised. Both sides suffer from consistency issues and both sides have not played their best CS so far this event. Ence were really lucky to beat SS and honestly I don’t think they really deserved too. Like I said this is a pure 50-50 so LOW on the underdog is the only bet that makes sense.

My odds for this match: Ence 50:50 Epsilon

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Option 2Bet Ence if odds 50% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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