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Best Of 3
2018/06/19 15:00 UTC

Winner Epsilon
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queztone STYKO Zero oskar ANGE1

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2 months ago

Epsilon vs. HR at Dreamhack Predictions


This is one of those that HR should win. Epsilon has beaten HR before, however that was 6 months ago under different rosters for both teams so not much concern into that, most recent result was a close victory for HR. I do think that HR has shown us that this team has potential, however feel like they are a bit burned out right now, they’ve been playing a lot the past two months or so and it is starting to show. They were undergoing great form for like a month straight however as of recent they have slowed down, so I am not nearly as confident here, but as long as they show up here I think they should take it. Epsilon are a good team who like I said have shown improvement, but I would say they still have some way to HR. I do think that a hot Epsilon can upset a cold Hellraisers, however it will be tough, especially if the key players for HR are up to par here. Overall, I just think that HR are the better team here, and in a BO3 on LAN, Epsilon will really have to show up which eh, I’m not really feeling. 65-35 HR.


5% HR under 72%, otherwise 2% Epsilon

My odds = 65-35 HR

My risk = High

My bet = 5% HR under 72%, otherwise 2% Epsilon

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Epsilon 35:65 HR

Option 2Bet Epsilon if odds 28% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

This one is also pretty hard, normally I would go with HellRaisers no matter what, but Epsilon is not a bad team and they’ve been hitting their shots against NiP, also won a lot of duels against insane players so they can definitely keep up against better teams, however they have been performing quite badly in the online matches, they got wrecked by Escape and Orbit, these matches were not even close, Epsilon’s match against NiP also wasn’t as close as the score may suggest, it was 16-9 but Epsilon woth both pistol rounds and all anti ecos, buy rounds were very one sided in favor of NiP.

HellRaisers is a better team in this matchup, also struggled a bit in the recent matches, didn’t qualify for a major where they lost to Gamers2, Optic and FlipSid3, also got wrecked by GODSENT on cobblestone yesterday and they looked really bad in that match, I don’t really know what’s going on with HellRaisers but it seems like oskar is the only consistent player and he’s wasting his talent in this team, either way, even though HellRaisers are playing quite bad right now, I still think they should be able to beat Epsilon in a best of three, the skill gap between these teams is not that big, but HR’s players are way more experienced.

HellRaisers should be taking this match, could be close but I’m pretty sure they will end up winning it, the risk is very high though so let’s just hope HR’s player can keep up and oskar won’t have to carry again.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 35:65 HR

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