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Epsilon vs. LeiSuRe at WCA 2018 Predictions


Ok apparently Leisure is not a bad team, I know right? Crazy. Ahm I look at players, think ok this is terrible, I look at HLTV results and well there is nothing there however if you dig a bit deeper Leisure has been bullying the German teams recently, like literally two days ago lol. Leisure has beaten Lioncast, Killerfish, Alternate Attax and god damn Penta in the past 3 days. Like whaat, these aren’t bad teams either, I picked the teams that somewhat impressed me and I mean, Penta and ATN, these are teams that can definitely compete with Epsilion, obviously Epsilon should still win but still. The thing is however, the German scene is very tight together I believe, each of the players know one another very well and in most scenarios have played with eachother, especially the teams below Mouz. They know one another’s tendencies and what not, know how they play so maybe that is why Leisure has been getting these results since roster wise it doesn’t impress me much, or maybe the German scene just everyone cheats so that’s that, they are pretty known for the shady stuff. Epsilon should win, they have been in good form although granted it is against Asian teams so meh, but still, Epsilon are the better team with more experience and just overall should win this seeing how it is a BO3 but damn man those Leisure results really putting me off.  Eitherway, 75-25 Epsilon here, they should win.


8% Epsilon below 82%, otherwise 2% Leisure

My odds = 75-25 Epsilon

My risk = Medium

My bet = 8% Epsilon below 82%, otherwise 2% Leisure

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Epsilon 75:25 LeiSuRe

Option 1Bet Epsilon if odds 82% or less

Medium (8%)

medium risk

Not the best match to bet on, and the odds are also not entirely accurate, but Epsilon should be able to win this quite easily anyway, LeiSuRe is definitely not a bad team and their lineup is pretty good, but Epsilon are on fire right now, they won PGL Summer, actually they didn’t “just” win it, they destroyed every single team they played on that event, I honestly expected them to lose against TyLoo, but they beat them very convincingly, they also beat VG.CyberZen 2-1 and destroyed Team X 3-0 in the grand final, insane performance by Epsilon there.

LeiSuRe didn’t play any official matches in a long time, at least I couldn’t find any, they have a really good lineup with few standout players like stfN and TONI, but that’s about it, I could see them beating some mediocre / lower tier 2 teams, but that probably won’t happen and I wouldn’t expect too much from LeiSuRe, especially against Epsilon in their current state, pretty sure Epsilon will wreck them actually.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 80:20 LeiSuRe

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Epsilon just back from China will most likely be really tired for this match. They were playing FPL all day but that doesn’t mean they will be awake and focused for this game. We have seen Epsilon a few times be tired and how they performed, and it was hardly impressive. The Leisure side have some good players, namely stfN and some other names most of you will recognize. They unfortunately have a bad history with cheat accusations and throwing matches. It does amaze me they are still on CSGL, but never mind. At these odds, the only logical thing you can do is go REALLY low on Leisure, and hope jet lag makes Epsilon perform worse here.

My odds for this match: Epsilon 80:20 LeiSuRe

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Option 1Bet Epsilon if odds 80% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

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