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Fnatic vs. G2 at ECS Predictions

ECS is the tournament of underdogs as I already mentioned before, it’s unreal how many upsets we’ve witnessed so far during this event, Gamers2 was actually one of the teams to get upset by an underdog, they lost the first best of one against Liquid and that was a stomp as Gamers2 won the pistol round and the following anti ecos and still finished with a 6-16 score which is just terrible, luckily they made up for it in the following matches beating NiP 2-0 and Liquid 2-1.

Fnatic also had a tough time making it out of their group, they finished on the first place but struggled against both TSM and Cloud9, in fact they almost lost both, the first match against TSM looked very scary as they lost the first half and were down by a lot then barely came back to win it 16-14, the most surprising thing about this match was the fact that cobblestone is fnatic’s best map and they were stomping everyone on it yet barely beat TSM. Fnatic’s second match was against Cloud9 and it was dust2 which is one of C9’s best maps, that one was also very close and Cloud9 actually should have made it to overtime at least, it was 15-13 and they had a 5v2 advantage yet still lost the round, so that was very unfortnuate and quite lucky for Fnatic.

It’s really hard to make the right decision here, I personally feel like this is going to be a very close match and either team could take it, Gamers2 have a lot of very good maps such as train, cache, overpass, nuke, dust2 and stuff, fnatic are also good on many maps but I feel like their map pool is a bit weaker right now, so Gamers2 is my pick here, let’s keep riding the underdog train!

My odds for this match: Fnatic 55:45 G2

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This is a really tough one honestly, well. Fnatic has to be favored here, of course however G2 are not heavy underdogs here by any means. Neither team has really shown us their best so far this tournament, and while yes Fnatic went 2-0, that is vs TSM….16:14 and Cloud9 16:13, that is not comfortable or expected lol. G2 meanwhile lost to my boys Liquid, then destroyed NiP in a BO3 and then ehm beat my boys in a BO3, rip. It’s kinda tricky to really know what to expect, if Fnatic play like they did vs both NA teams then they will struggle big time, especially if G2 shows up. Funny fact, it doesn’t really apply much anymore, well kinda but still interesting. Back a year or so ago, when G2, or then Titan still had KennyS, Apex and Ex6tenz, Titan was the team that could always just cause a lot of problems to Fnatic, they’d admit it in interviews that even though Titan was struggling so hard, they’d always do bad vs them. Of course 3 players have changed since then and what not, however still an interesting fact. This is a BO3 too so you would expect Fnatic to take it, however do not count out Shox and ScreaM, the duo when on fire has shown they can win matches for G2, however when they are quiet, that is when they lose to the likes of Liquid and what not. Also historically G2 do a lot better vs teams they know well, e.g Fnatic, so that’s that. I do not like predicting games like this as it hugely depends on who turns up, however for me, 60-40 Fnatic. Fnatic are the 2nd favorites to win the whole thing behind LG, and I do expect a LG vs Fnatic final.


3% Fnatic under 67%, otherwise 3% G2

My odds = 60-40 Fnatic

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Fnatic under 67%, otherwise 3% G2

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Fnatic 60:40 G2

Option 1Bet Fnatic if odds 67% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Now this for me is the perfect match to put forward the concept of betting on. If you understand how betting works and how to play the odds, this is the perfect game to describe it and bet on. Now, we might all end up losing our skins, but being successful is about playing the odds, making the right decisions, and betting smart. I do expect fnatic to take this game, but the odds are 65-35. This means 35% of the time, G2 will take this game. This is actually a concept that a lot of people fail to grasp but is really important to know. The odds right now are 70-30, so we have a 5% difference from what people on CSGL think, to what is the reality. Now, although I do expect fnatic to win, the odds are 5% bad for them, so betting on them at these odds, even if you were to win your bet, would be a bad one, and in the long run, you would lose money. Betting on your gut alone is not viable in the long time, mathematical data is the only way to be successful and this right here, although we probably all think fnatic will win, is the perfect example of this. 65-35, LOW on G2 at these odds.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 65:35 G2

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Option 1Bet Fnatic if odds 65% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

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