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2018/07/08 21:19 UTC

Winner Fnatic
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dennis KRIMZ JW olofmeister flusha
wayLander hooch AdreN Dosia mou

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Fnatic vs. Gambit at ESL One Predictions

This is hands down the easiest match of today if not the entire event, fnatic is one of the favorite teams to win this event while Gambit were considered as one of the weakest team on this major, they still did way better than people expected, beating both CLG and Astralis, in fact they beat Astralis when dupreeh still played so that’s even better, however other than this major and the major qualifier, Gambit were quite bad and lost a ton of online matches against much weaker teams.

fnatic is one of the best teams in the world, they’ve been struggling a bit because olofmeister had a break from CS due to his wrist injury, but now he’s back and they are getting better again, I don’t expect them to win this event but making it to the grand final is definitely possible for fnatic, their results are still very impressive and they rarely lose any matches, the only teams that beat them recently were Gamers2 and FaZe, other than that fnatic still managed to beat FaZe three times, 2-0’d dignitas, beat Gamers2 on train and also won a couple of matches against North American teams such as Cloud9 and TSM.

So that’s pretty much it, I’m pretty sure we will see a quick 2-0 here, it’s quite possible that Gambit will put up a good fight in general, but I don’t even expect them to win a single map.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 85:15 Gambit

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Fnatic have slowly been waking up as this event has gone along. They were always slow starters even when they were winning things, and I actually thought they would win this event, or at least get to the final, and I still do. They still have had shaky parts, but against FaZe slowly hit that top level as the game went on. Gambit were not expected to be here, and anything they do here is a bonus. They have nothing to lose, and I don’t think their chances are high. The main issue is their map pool is really weak, and against a side such as fnatic, this makes it incredibly difficult for a BO3 to get anything done. Their only hope is that fnatic is cocky and leaves their best maps in, but even then that most likely won’t be enough. Overall, I think fnatic take this, but at these odds ICB on Gambit, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Fnatic 80:20 Gambit

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Option 1Bet Fnatic if odds 80% or less

Medium (7%)

high risk

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