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Gambit vs. CLG at MLG Predictions


Another game that I think is a 50-50 here. Gambit so far have not been too too impressive, like nothing far above CLG here honestly. Both took about 10 rounds from Astralis, however CLG did it on a harder map, Overpass and didn’t win both pistols, and both upset Envyus, so pretty even playing ground if you ask me. I do think that this will just come down to who is landing their shots on the day, if CLG continue making some really costing mistakes or not, can all just come down to the vetos and how clutch rounds, pistols etc go here. Not much to separate both of these teams honestly. Not much to blabble on about, 50-50, just go low on the underdog here.


3% Underdog

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Underdog

My advice = 3% Underdog

My odds for this match: Gambit 50:50 CLG

Option 2Bet CLG if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Tough to call game here, but one I think Gambit has a chance in. They seem more stable and reliable than CLG, and more solid as a team. CLG need JDM on the AWP, or they are useless to be honest, and you saw against astralis yesterday, they can become predictable as things go because of this. JDM seems to always go for the first pick, and this can really hurt the economy of his team because without his AWP, he is basically a bot. CLG still do have a chance coming into this game, hazed has really stepped up, Cutler has as well, if tarik can finally have a good game, and the other guys can go off as well, I think Gambit will struggle. This is a big maybe though, and I just feel like the Gambit players are more experienced in these situations, will be more prepared for CLG, who were perhaps focusing on Envy and astralis. This is a game that could go either well, the bigger fraggers but less stable CLG players, against the more stable but less explosive Gambit. Purely play the odds here.

My odds for this match: Gambit 55:45 CLG

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Option 2Bet CLG if odds 45% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Probably one of the hardest matches to predict here for today. Gambit so far have been looking preeetty good, they got stomped by Astralis on Train but they managed to send nV home on Cache, I’m not sure if I was really surprised about this as we all know that nV are slumping hard, Gambit are a team with some really sick individual talent, Waylander, dosia, adren and mou are 4 insane fraggers, the scariest thing about Gambit is when Waylander and Mou with his awp are on point, Gambit seem undefeatable once they’re on point but so far at this major, that hasn’t happened yet. Against nV, it was just waylander really doing work, he carried Gambit to a victory and if he didn’t, then they actually would have lost it (screenshot of the scoreboard) so it really looks like Gambit need waylander to perform really well, if he doesn’t, then Gambit will have a hard time beating teams.

CLG actually look really good. They also managed to take down nV although this did look a bit more convincing, the map was Cobblestone and they completely stomped nV here. The main thing that favours CLG here is that CLG don’t really rely on one player to make frags, Cutler went nuts against nV but there was still Tarik, jdm and hazed dropping a 20 bomb as well. The match against Astralis was basically a throwaway, everyone knew this would be an impossible task especially with the map being Overpass which is easily Astralis’s best map, I gotta give props to CLG though as they still managed to get 9 rounds, that’s not bad at all as they did manage to get a decent amount of CT  rounds (8-7), It was basically their T side just lacking executions which isn’t a shame against Astralis’s defense. The only player who needs to step up more for CLG is fugly, on two maps against nV and Astralis he only got 16 frags and that’s simply not enough, he needs to frag more if CLG want to make it to the quarter finals.

Like I said, the closest match of the day, extremely hard to predict as both teams are extremely even. The only thing that differs these two teams is the fact that Gambit rely on one player and CLG are more of a team-play based team, everyone can make frags for them. It’s a really close call but I might just favour CLG here, if Hazed, Cutler and Tarik have a good game, they should be able to beat the Gambit guys in this BO3. I also think that CLG do have the better mappool as we haven’t seen Gambit on maps such as Overpass, Dust, Mirage or Cobblestone that much yet and these are maps CLG are strong on. So I’m going to suggest a low bet on CLG and just hope for second NA team to get into the quarter finals.

My odds for this match: Gambit 49:51 CLG

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