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Kinguin vs. Pride at StarSeries Season 2 Predictions

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This is a tricky match honestly. This is of course two Polish teams going at it and these are always tricky seeing how the players know eachother in most scenarios, have considered eachother for their teams or have played together so they know tendencies, maybe have seen demos and they can understand calls if it has comms and so on. Basically these domestic rivalries often times are close. Historically speaking, even recently, matches between these two have been very close, and I can’t quite understand why. To me on paper Kinguin here are better as a team and individually they are quite better too. I think it is perhaps because it is a domestic rivalry and historically too this Kinguin lineup often underestimates opponents and is really up and down, like you’ll see them lose to teams like Pride and what not, only to go on and beat Na’Vi on LAN and things like that. Kinguin are definitely a very capable team, however their inconsistencies and tendency to play down to the level of the opposition is definitely something that keeps them down. I am not sold on this Pride team, they seem to have sprees of good and bad form and eh, I do not really rate team too highly. I do think that this is an event of importance and Kinguin should take it but Pride can definitely fight, especially looking at history. 70-30 Kinguin


5% Kinguin under 77%, otherwise 2% Pride

My odds = 70-30 Kinguin

My risk = High

My bet =??5% Kinguin under 77%, otherwise 2% Pride

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Kinguin 70:30 Pride

Option 1Bet Kinguin if odds 77% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

The previous matches between these two teams were really scary, especially the last best of two as PRIDE won the first map 16-14 and it looked like they were going to win 2-0 but Kinguin managed to win 16-14 on the second map, it was super close but that was a match for a lower tier online cup, while this time we have a group stage of European qualifier for Starladder Finals with $300,000 in the pool, additionally if Kinguin lose to Pride they will most likely get knocked out as the other two opponents are PENTA and GODSENT so they really have to win this one.

Okay so looking at the results Kinguin definitely looked better, they managed to beat Epsilon, Tricked, PRIDE and few weaker teams, lost a bunch of matches against Space Soldiers, ENCE and Orbit and got like 5 draws, some of them against really bad teams which is surprising, but as I said, that was a lower tier cup and they probably didn’t care about it that much.

PRIDE won only three matches in like two months or so, they beat Galactics, LDLC and MK, other than that, they had that famous 2-17 record, yup – they won 2 maps out of 19 which is quite bad considering they played teams like AGG, Alternate, TBA and stuff, PRIDE did slightly better in their recent matches as they managed to go 1-1 against Kinguin and Escape, but they are still pretty bad.

I’m expecting a quick 2-0 for Kinguin here, anything can happen to be honest, but I really think they will win, they always played better on bigger events.

My odds for this match: Kinguin 70:30 Pride

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Kinguin actually lost once to pride not so long ago, but honestly I don’t really see that happening again. Pride seem to get close to beating most people and then just about lose, and I can see that happening here as well. If Kinguin leave Nuke in, they will 100% take it, otherwise perhaps train. They have a good chance of taking 1 map, but that is most likely it. Kinguin are a far superior side in almost every department, they just seem to suffer from inconsistencies from time to time, which makes predicting them difficult. I would put the odds at around 75-25, which means I could see Pride 1 out of 4 games like this, just about. I would suggest a LOW but risky bet on Kinguin at these odds.

My odds for this match: Kinguin 75:25 Pride

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Option 2Bet Pride if odds 20% or less

Small (2%)

high risk


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