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NiP vs. FSid3 at ESL One Predictions

Damn, I guess people really lost their faith in FlipSid3, no idea why though, they have been practicing quite a lot for this major and looked pretty good lately, they went 3-1 against mousesports which should be a 4-0 as FlipSid3 barely lost 16-19 on train, the other maps were very one sided as FlipSid3 beat them 16-6 on cobblestone and 16-9 on both cache and overpass, other than that FlipSid3 also beat Renegades, Immortals, HellRaisers, Optic, went 1-1 against Echo Fox, lost a couple of maps against Na’Vi, Optic and FaZe, seriously FlipSid3 are better than people think and the current odds are a joke.

NiP are definitely favored to win this match, however they’ve been quite inconsistent lately, they won their group on ELEAGUE after losing the first match 0-2 against Gamers2, the semi final against Optic was very tough as NiP barely won it 2-1 with a 16-14 score on the last map, and the final best of three was surprisingly easy considering it was a rematch against G2 and NiP beat them 16-3 on train and 16-9 on cache. The next two events NiP attended were Dreamhack Summer and ECS Season 1 Finals, the first one didn’t go too well as NiP barely beat Epsilon and Astralis, got wrecked by GODSENT and lost 0-2 against Immortals, ECS went even worse, NiP got destroyed by Luminosity and Gamers2 and got knocked out without winning a single map.

Honestly both NiP and FlipSid3 had very similar results and maybe even FlipSid3 looked slightly better, obviously NiP is the more experienced team and usually better skill wise, however I wouldn’t give them more than 65% here, they really don’t deserve the current odds and FlipSid3 can definitely upset them.

My odds for this match: NiP 65:35 FSid3

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Will keep this one short and sweet, just like the girlfriend. I don’t see NiP losing this game. Fside are not a bad side, they are organised, and have good tactics, but hey guess what? So are their opponents, who have a LOT more individual skill than the CIS side. Looking at the maps, I can see Train being played and perhaps Mirage and Cobble. You would have to favour NiP on all of these maps, and while I do think the CIS side has a chance of making the maps some what close, I think NiP will have this in the bag like Mary Poppins all day long. MED on NiP here for me.

My odds for this match: NiP 75:25 FSid3

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Option 1Bet NiP if odds 80% or less

Medium (7%)

high risk


Think that NiP should have this rather comfortably here. Flipsid3 for the whole tournament has not been impressing me, got rekt vs Na’Vi which ok is respectable, however it was on Train so you would expect more from F3. Against OpTic they should have lost however nobody from OpTic except Mixwell turned up and OpTic just kept force buying while in lead and screwed themselves over. I think this will be, once again, like always F3 out in the groups of the major. F3 always makes the major sure, which props to them, however they always go out in the groups too so that is that, looking very likely here. Of course loser is out of the major, so both teams will try their heart out there, or well in theory. NiP for me I always have said are a inconsistent side as when F0rest and Get Rigtt are having a bad game, there are not many options who can step up and win the game for NiP like those two can, so if GTR and F0rest play well here, no chance for F3 in a BO3 but if they are quiet and WorldEdit/Markeloff can go off here really hard, there is always a chance I guess. Think NiP should take it however given that it is a BO3. 75-25 NiP


8% NiP under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB F3

My odds = 75-25 NiP

My risk = Medium

My bet = 8% NiP under 82%, otherwise SKIP/ICB F3

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NiP 75:25 FSid3

Option 1Bet NiP if odds 82% or less

Medium (8%)

medium risk

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