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OG vs. LG at ESL Predictions

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So ehm OpTic find themselves at 8%, I’ve no idea how but that is what is happening. So yes LG should realistically be winning this BO3 quite convincingly, and should be favored by quite a bit, however 92% seems quite a bit too much. LG have a history of struggling versus NA teams, however since this is an EU LAN, probably not. OpTic are not a horrible side, they really aren’t and can fight with LG, while I do not think they should be upsetting them on a regular basis at all, they can definitely fight especially if NAF and Mixwell are going off for example. Head to heads are not much better for OG either, with them most of the time just getting dismantled by LG, which I do not see changing here. LG had a slow start to the event losing to G2, however that was a BO1 and I think it was a good early wake up call, to prevent further screw ups like here. None of the less, not much to speculate about. LG should take this 2-0, if OG guys turn up they can fight or even take a map however eh, two would be poor by LG. ??75-25 LG


7% LG under 82%, otherwise ICB/SKIP OpTic

My odds = 75-25 LG

My risk = Medium

My bet =??7% LG under 82%, otherwise ICB/SKIP OpTic

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OG 25:75 LG

Option 1Bet LG if odds 82% or less

Medium (7%)

medium risk

I think it’s safe to say that this is by far the safest match of the entire tournament, not saying that Optic are bad or anything like that, but Luminosity have never lost a single match against Optic and it definitely means something, in addition to that, Optic lost a ton of matches against mediocre North American teams before this event, teams like compLexity and TSM which went through many roster changes lately.

Optic managed to upset Astralis on this event and that’s massive, however I feel like it was more of Astralis’ mistake not removing Optic’s best map, the following match against Gamers2 was extremely bad and Optic got demolished there.

Luminosity also lost to Gamers2, they played on G2’s best map and that’s understandable, I was looking forward to see??how well Luminosity can play in the following matches, their next opponent was Astralis and the match was very close but Luminosity came out on top and won the series 2-0, they looked great in this match though.

I don’t think it was that necessary to write all that stuff, this match is pretty straightforward and Luminosity will take it for sure, I’d be extremely surprised if Optic upset them today.


My odds for this match: OG 10:90 LG

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Option 2Skip


Don't waste skins on this match.


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