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SK vs. Astralis at Dreamhack Predictions

So by the time I write this we still don’t know who will be Astralis’ opponent here, Immortals vs SK Gaming is still live and both teams are performing quite poorly, SK Gaming are playing with a mix team since they lost Pimp while Magiskb0Y couldn’t attend due to exams, so they are using gla1ve and valde instead, this is basically a pug at this point so I really expected Immortals to stomp them, but the match is way closer than it should be.

I don’t think SK Gaming would stand any chance against Astralis, so let’s just assume that Immortals will be their opponent, the upset potential is obviously way higher in this case, Immortals is a great team, they used to beat way stronger teams such as dignitas, ENVYUS and Virtus.pro, but they’ve been playing bad ever since peacemaker (their coach) left the team, they failed in the Major qualifiers losing to ENVYUS, TyLoo and FlipSid3, the only team they beat was Empire, Immortals performed really bad there, now they are struggling against a SK Gaming which is a mix as I already mentioned, so they are clearly not in the best shape right now.

I’d say there is a chance of Immortals upsetting Astralis, but it is quite unlikely to happen, Astralis should be able to beat either team quite easily and I believe they will.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 20:80 Astralis

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SK surprised some people but did not really surprise me, as I did mention the qualities of the players they got in. This is also why I hate this format for predicting. I do not rate Immortals on train at ALL. I said it on my twitter the last two times they played this map, and there is no way I would have gone with Immortals if I had known it was Train before hand. Going into this game, I heavily expect astralis to take it, but SK showed that astralis still have some weakness right now, and I would never bet on them at these odds in a BO1 against a local rival. I do strongly believe that astralis will take this, but ICB on SK or them to get 9 rounds on fanobet is all you can do.

My odds for this match: SK Gaming 25:75 Astralis

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