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A match that’s so incredibly hard to predict. CSGL recently have slightly said been shit. They just don’t look good and the 2-0 loss against FlipSid3 somewhat worries me, it wasn’t just a loss, it was a 16-1 and a 16-3 scoreline on two maps, that should NEVER happen to a team like CSGL. This definitely shows CSGL’s form as of now.

Penta added lowel for davidp and honestly, this didn’t make them any better but not really any worse either, he’s a pretty decent player and seems to topfrag in every single match for Penta, that pretty much shows how bad Penta’s players are. tabseN, who should be the main carrier of this team, is incredibly inconsistent and can turn on and drop 30 bombs only once a month it seems. It really feels like Penta rely on the new guy lowel, and that’s not good.

Two teams who just haven’t been looking good. I just think that overall CSGL are a bit more reliable as they have 5 players who can all frag. Penta just seem to rely on lowel and are only able to win when tabseN has one of these days, I highly doubt this will happen so we’re going for CSGL in this one.

My odds for this match: CSGL 65:35 Penta


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