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CZen 97 3
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The winner of this match will go on to VS the winner of The Mongolz VS Threats.


CyberZen is a team with a high skill caliber compared to many other Asian teams. They are on par with the renowned Tyloo and they have beat them before. CyberZen attended the Star Ladder Finals where they finished in last place along with now ex-Titan (7-8th place). At the LAN, they faced off against Na’vi where they lost 0-2 where they didn’t even make a dent in Na’vi. They were sent to their ‘last chance match’ against G2 and it was a much closer series.

CyberZen took the first map, 16-6 Inferno and the last two maps came down to the wire (14-16 loss on Cache) and 11-16 on Mirage. It was a good showing by CyberZen, but it wasn’t enough for them to get through. Since this LAN, they have not played any matches and this will be their first.

proArmy Gaming or Proa for short qualified for this small event through a series of online qualifying matches along with Dung Beo Gaming which were promptly defeated by nxl in yesterdays match.

This will be their first match that the general public will see, and I have very little information on these guys. Here are their steam profile links if you wish to do further research:

buzi –


naD –

nomez  –

huyak –

Final thoughts and advice

With CyberZen having a good showing at the Star Ladder LAN, I don’t think they will lose this match. Not to some random team that got into this league by qualifying. I’ll be skipping this match though. The odds will most likely get to something ridiculous like 94-6 and we don’t even have any worthy information about so I wouldn’t advise betting on this match even though I don’t think there’s a chance in hell CyberZen would lose this.

My odds for this match: CZen 80:20





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