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DenDD vs. Anox at xfunction Masters Predictions

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Apparently Twist is playing here for DenDD and overall their roster is looking really sick right now, reminds me of the good old DenDD days, but Zende is missing so that’s that. Twist playing here kinda makes me think that he is for sure going to NiP/Fnatic, but then again these guys are friends and used to play together before so maybe just standing in, who knows. The problem I always have with DenDD is the fact that they just do not keep a stable roster, ever, their core most of the time is the same, however the fact that they swap around players left right and center just gives them no stability which I think is so important. If they are basically pugging every match and what not, don’t have chemistry, they are on paper a good team sure, however where is the consistency and you never know with them. This for me is probably the strongest DenDD roster I have seen, it has all the players that when I see playing for DenDD I get a smile, plus Twist who is the best on that team definitely. The problem here now is that it is a 3 thousand tournament for first place, like not the best at all and teams tend to not try, however DenDD does not stand out as that sort of a team to me from experience. Anox, not a bad team, can they upset? Sure, will they upest? Meh probably not. They are a good CIS team, not the best by any means however have faces like JR and what not, but I just do not believe in that group of players put together. I can see Anox snatch a map, but this is a BO2 and I expect DenDD to close. 75-25 DenDD. DenDD should just win off skill, especially with Twist in that lineup. If it changes last minute I will cry infinitely.


7% DenDD under 82%, otherwise 2% Anox

My odds = 75-25 DenDD

My risk = Med

My bet =??7% DenDD under 82%, otherwise 2% Anox

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: DenDD 75:25 Anox

Option 2Bet Anox if odds 18% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

Twist back playing with his old buddies here is really interesting. They won’t have pbD playing though which is a bit of a loss as he impressed me lately. Saying that, these guys all played together before and the chemistry should be really good. Their opponent today have actually won their last few games but have not really impressed me that much. They looked decent in parts against a poor LLL side and should not be underestimated. I do favour DenDD coming into this game and with the fire power of Twist, it will be hard for the boys in Anox to stop him if he goes off. LOW on DenDD as long as the odds are not too bad.

My odds for this match: DenDD 75:25 Anox

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