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Rising Stars

Best Of 2
2018/06/29 16:00 UTC

Winner IWKU
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DenDD vs. IWKU at Rising Stars Predictions

Nothing to say about this match besides the fact that it’s not worth betting on it at all, both DenDD and Iwku are basically mix teams right now, the only difference is that DenDD have better players and actually played quite well against Space Soldiers, while Iwku struggled even against really weak opponents such as PRIDE and Bpro, DenDD also played PRIDE twice and beat them quite easily in both matches.

So this is a best of two and DenDD will most likely either win or tie, pretty sure they will take at least one map, however it’s still not worth betting especially with the current odds, just skip this match.

My odds for this match: DenDD 60:40 IWKU

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Honestly just skip this. On a normal day I’d probably bet DenDD here, however I do not understand the odds at all right now. Sure it is a BO2 but have people taken a look at the rosters? lol. Odds are literally 90-10, a bet on Iwku is really tempting, however pretty sure somebody is just swaying the odds with a massive bet on DenDD and will probably swap. I do favor DenDD here, and like I said in most scenarios I’d bet them here, especially since they have been showing improvement and this is a BO2, and IWKU is not very good to be honest. The kicker however is that DeNDD have two standins here, and two that I’ve never ever heard in my life, so that’s exciting, clearly. They still have the core trio so to speak and I’d say they’d still win at least a map, but eh, with the sheer amount of matches on today, I would not bet this. IWKU has a decent lineup, you can recognize the names, and like, Zehn at times can be really good and betting against him with 90-10? Not a good idea. Overall, 70-30 DenDD. Odds are hard since two mixes going at it, another reason we are skipping this.


Skip this

My odds = 70-30 DenDD

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: DenDD 70:30 IWKU

Looking at the rosters here this seems basically a mix vs a mix. I don’t know if the HLTV roster is completely correct, but if it is, this is not the same DenDD or iwku we have seen lately. The DenDD roster is now containing 2 Swedes that I honestly don’t know a great deal about. Looking at their stats on HLTV, they seem to be semi decent,but not the same level as the guys before. Looking at iwku, we have zeHn who trialed for Penta before, mokEn who was in Epsilon, and rezex who has been around a number of Danish sides. Feddan has played with them a few times and I don’t really know a lot about acoR. Overall, this game is random, and although I favour DenDD for it, at 90-10 odds almost, this is just crazy, ICB on iwku or SKIP.

My odds for this match: DenDD 70:30 IWKU

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