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DenDD vs. Orbit at Rising Stars Predictions

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Today is definitely not a good day for underdog bettors, most of the matches are like 80-20 or 90-10 and I’d say all favorites should be able to win their matches today, most of the matches are pretty safe, especially this one as we have a best of two between Orbit who were previously known as E-Frag and DenDD which is a surprisingly bad team considering their lineup is pretty stacked, however their results are??terrible, they got wrecked by Space Soldiers, Copenhagen Wolves, Gambit Gaming, AGG, and the only teams they managed to beat were Bpro, orst Players, Alter Your Ego and Alpha, so basically mediocre tier 3 teams.

Orbit’s results are obviously way better, beating teams like Epiphany Bolt, Space Soldiers, HellRaisers, Epsilon, SK Gaming, they also tied against LDLC, space Soldiers, Copenhagen Wolves and Dobry&Gaming, only teams they lost to were dignitas, HellRaisers and a best of one against Epsilon. Orbit would be way better if dream3r wasn’t banned from Valve sponsored events, whenever there is a Minor or Major qualifiers they have to practice with pNshr instead, so it’s definitely annoying for them to practice with different players for specific events, but either way, Orbit are way better than DenDD and this is a best of two, they will surely win at least one map, but I think we will see a quick 2-0.

My odds for this match: DenDD 20:80 Orbit

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This is one where Orbit should not be dropping 2-0 to. This is Rising Stars however and eh I just do not like betting on smaller tournaments so that’s a pitty however yeah, still think that Orbit should get at least one map. Orbit at times tend to be really inconsistent and drop maps or even series to teams weaker than them, and honestly I keep saying this and just keep getting bitten in the ass but DenDD are not a bad team, man for man at least. They have ??some good players in there however they just have no stability in their roster, every game different players, no chemistry and just overall just pugging it which does not work the majority of times, and they seem to have hit a all time low with their results. Orbit are doing decent for themselves so that’s that, I would not go high here because I think while yes Orbit should easily get at least one map here, DenDD are not pushovers, and like high on Orbit in a league like this I just do not feel it. 80-20 Orbit


10% Orbit

My odds = 80-20 Orbit

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Orbit

My advice = 10% Orbit.

My odds for this match: DenDD 20:80 Orbit

DenDD I thought would do better yesterday against SS and honestly they should have taken 1 map, and with a few key rounds going the other way, could have potentially taken both. But they didn’t and their opponent today is a tougher one than that of SS. I don’t think the chances for DenDD here to take 2 maps against Orbit to be very high, and looking at the previous results of Orbit, this will most likely be 1-1 or 2-0 to them. The Swedish guys do have some good players, and if they are all hitting their shots, and the Orbit guys are force buying and losing, then this could be a slightly decent underdog. The best you can probably hope for, is DenDD to take 1 map, and the other be close, and with a bit of luck swing the right way. Overall, at these odds, I would really just ICB on DenDD and hope to get our stuff back.

My odds for this match: DenDD 30:70 Orbit

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Option 1Bet Orbit if odds 70% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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