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Winner Astralis
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Dignitas 20
Astralis 80
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Match Predictions

Dignitas must be the side that has lost me the most amount of skins I can remember. I always feel they have a chance vs T1 sides, and then they either get destroyed or choke and lose. I don’t see them winning this game, even if it is a BO1. They just don’t have the fire power to consistently close out rounds, and they always lose a bunch of eco rounds to the old TSM, pretty much every time I watch them.

Astralias have for the most part been in pretty decent form, still slightly shaky as they always seem to be lately, but still really good in places too. They go into this game with it being the first one under their new name, and they will be really determined to make it a good one.

The odds for this BO1 don’t make for good reading, and I would highly recommend not betting on Astralis at these odds, and saving your skins from betting on Dig either. Like I said, they have lost me more skins than I can remember, and I won’t be betting on them here either. Sit back relax, and SKIP this game.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 30:70 Astralis





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