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Dignitas vs. Cloud9 at MLG Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


  • Dust2: 65-35 Cloud9
  • Inferno: 80-20 Dignitas
  • Mirage: 75-25 Dignitas
  • Cache: 55-45 Dignitas
  • Train: 55-45 Cloud9
  • Overpass: 55-45 Dignitas
  • Cobblestone: 75-25 Dignitas


Again some mapodds for this match. Now, as you can see most maps are favourited towards Dignitas and this isn’t a surprise at all. Cloud9’s mappool isn’t has big as it was back with sgares, the only maps Cloud9 are fairly strong on nowadays are Train, Dust2 and Cache. All the remaining 4 maps are maps they rather don’t play. Dignitas on the other side have a huge mappool, the only map they really can’t play is Dust2 so that will obviously be an instaban, their next ban SHOULD be Train but I wouldn’t be surprised when they ban Cache instead, if this happens and Train somehow gets through then I can see Cloud9 potentially upsetting Dignitas here. Now, Cloud9’s bans are pretty obvious, Inferno and Mirage as always. Cobblestone, Overpass and Train / Cache will be the remaining 4 maps and one of these will be randomly picked. If it’s Cobblestone then it should be a stomp and an easy game for Dignitas, Overpass is a map Dignitas don’t really have a good record on but they are favourites on it just barely, they should also be able to win it but it will be incredibly close. Cache should just be like Overpass, Dignitas should win but it could get close. So my conclusion is; Cloud9 can definitely upset when they get the correct maps and when Dignitas pretty much fails their veto although, I expect Dignitas to not fuck up the veto and just win this BO1 on a map they are favourites on.

Pick: Dignitas

Bet: Medium on Dignitas when -70% for Dignitas [10%] | Low on Cloud9 when +70% for Dignitas [2%]

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 Cloud9

Cloud9 looked so bad yesterday it was unreal and I actually expected Gambit to take that game. Nothing needs serious help with calling and until they do this or fix the balance in their side, I don’t expect anything good from them. I feel stewie was a really bad pick-up, and they could of taken any number of IGL’s that would of improved that side or at least kept it as good as it was before. Look at what gob b has done with NRG, he has taken average players and made them look a LOT better than they ever did before. Since sgares left, the good players now look average, and they were honestly a mess yesterday.

I thoroughly expect dignitas to shake off yesterday and perform today and take this game. The odds are not the best yes indeed, but if dignitas stay below 70% I would suggest going LOW/MED on them as I feel they will step up today and take this game. They seem to play to the level their opponent is and that is why they struggle sometimes against lesser teams.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 Cloud9


So lets put this into perspective a bit. Dignitas are a team who have been making strides, and I mean strides in improvement recently, and I am sure they have worked insanely hard to make it to the majors here, and I mean they should really. Cloud9 on the otherhand have not done too much, or anything at all to really suggest that they will make it to the majors, not at all. THe thing that may give C9 a chance is the fact that these are BO1’s and they tend to be random, however once again, lets not forget that this team does have some good players, like Shroud and Skadoodle, so you can’t necessarily count them out completely. I’ve seen it to many times that Shroud and Skadoodle, more preicesly Skadoodle carry ultra hard and C9 come out as winners or at least, close. In a BO1 the pistols and what not matter all too much, so be careful here.  Overall, since gotta keep fast, 65-35 in favor of Dignitas. High risk game.


5% Dignitas if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% CLoud9 and hope in Skadoodle.

My odds = 65-35 Dignitas

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Dig if under 72%< otherwise 2-3% C9

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Dignitas 65:35 Cloud9