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Dignitas vs. Empire at ESL Predictions

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That’s an easy one, at least should be since Empire is not a very good team and their results are pretty bad overall, they had a close match against Cloud9 but it doesn’t really matter, it was cobblestone which is one of Empire’s best maps and Cloud9 are not that good either.

dignitas also played quite bad in their first match, however FaZe are doing really well right now and I kinda expected them to win, but I went with dignitas instead because the odds were way too skewed, I also think that dignitas kinda failed in the veto process, mirage is one of FaZe’s best maps and I just don’t understand why would dignitas decide to keep it. So that loss against FaZe is not the only bad game dignitas had recently, they also lost to mousesports, EnVyUs and Gamers2, didn’t win a single match with cajunb yet, but he’s carrying their asses in all those matches so that’s definitely not his fault, the other players have to step it up in order to win.

So both teams are not looking too hot, but dignitas are way better and should be able to win this quite easily, they really need to beat the lower teams in order to qualify for the major, and I’m sure they will try their best since they always have a hard time qualifying for those majors, I don’t even remember the last major dignitas played on, either way, I’d go with a medium bet on dignitas here, I’m pretty sure they will take it.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 80:20 Empire

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Eh I hate BO1’s, but this is one that Dignitas should win. I felt that Dignitas did quite well versus FaZe yesterday, just got rather unfortunate in some of the rounds that cost them the game essentially, meanwhile Empire was decent versus C9 too but ehh, I don’t take much from it. I do think that Empire are a decent side when they are on form and what not, however like I said previously, I think they have dropped off a bit the last couple of month or two, and it is disappointing to see however it is what it is. I do think that Empire have good players there with potential to upset here, however really low as with Dig losing to FaZe, if they lose this now eh, really disappointing and I just think that Dig should be able to out skill Empire here simply put. Dig just team wise and skill wise are the better roster here and shoul dbe closing this, however they tend to be one of the more streaky teams so that is always worrying, especially since I’ve seen Dig lose/near to lose maps to a lot weaker teams compared to Empire. 75-25 Dig


7% Dig here

My odds = 75-25 Dig

My risk = Med

My bet = 7% Dig

My advice = 7% Dig

My odds for this match: Dignitas 75:25 Empire

Dignitas actually played better than FaZe yesterday. T side Mirage, they lost the pistol, got ecoed twice, and still came away with 5 rounds. Just imagine if they had those other rounds, the game could have been completely different. They made small mistakes, which ended up costing them in the end. This was frustrating as I think they should have taken FaZe but oh well, they are here now. Empire were actually quite strong against C9, and did better than I expected. I can see dig struggling here, and it being an incredibly close game, but with Dig coming out on top in the end. It would be a massive shock for dig to go out here without winning a single game. I would go on dig here at under 80%. Over that, I think you need to just ICB on Empire.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 80:20 Empire

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Option 1Bet Dignitas if odds 80% or less

Medium (6%)

high risk


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