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Winner Conquest
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Dogmen 21
Conquest 79
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Match Predictions

I’ll keep this one short and sweet. As I mentioned before, 3sUP or, dogmen as they will be called until they find a new org, are the type of side that do terrible vs the bad teams, and give all the top teams a good game. I expect the odds to be off for this game due to their result against Liquid, but anyone who follows this team knows they always play close games, and Liquid were totally off their game last night, and will need time with allu to put things right.

Conquest looked really good against a poor coL side, and go into this game heavy favourites. I don’t see anything in the Dogmen roster that will scare these boys, and they will go into this game expecting a comfortable 2-0. I an see the maps being close, but CQ should have this.

With1 hour to go until this starts, there is a worry the odds will get worse, but I am pretty confident in the win for Conquest, so would suggest going MED/LOW on this match, and your skins should be fairly safe. You know I am a cautious bettor, and I think going LOW is the best idea here.

My odds for this match: Dogmen 35:65 Conquest






Community Predictions

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