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DTrap vs. SMassive at Balkan Championship Predictions

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This is one that DTrap really should be looking to win here, however is it smart to bet on them? Not really. BO1 with 85-15 and decreasing odds with such low tier teams, I am just not feeling the vibe at all here. DTrap are more established as a team here compared to SMassive however that does not mean they’ll win always, they should but should is never will. For me this is about 75-25 in favor of DTrap remembering that it is a BO1. Honestly not feeling a DTrap bet at these odds at all in a BO1, I would heavily just recommend skipping this however if SMassive are below 10% you can ICB on them I guess.


Skip this unless SMassive is like below 10% or something crazy and then ICB on them if you wish, not feeling a 85-15 BO1 on two low tier teams.

My odds = 75-25 DTrap

My risk = High

My bet = Skip unless SMassive below 10% in which case ICB them

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: DTrap 75:25 SMassive

Two Turkish teams facing eachother for the Balkan league, I think everyone should know both teams and should realise that DTrap are far the better team here, woxic is absolutely sick with that awp as we saw against RB, the aces were flying around, this guy is nuts. I expect DTrap to take this one fairly easily as they are top2 in Turkey. DTrap should take it, make sure to not go too high as we want to safe our skins for the major, you can skip too if you aren’t feeling it.

My odds for this match: DTrap 80:20 SMassive


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