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E-Frag vs. Ancient at GO:CL Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

A really close BO1 between two mid tier2 teams who have been performing quit well recently. E-Frag completely destroyed Reason yesterday and looked on point, at IEM they also didn’t look bad considering dream3r didn’t play, they nearly beat TempoStorm on Inferno and did infact beat nV although the question still remains; did nV really try in that one? I don’t think so. Overall E-Frag look quite good, Dream3r is back so that’s most definitely a good thing.

Ancient seem to be improving a lot but their problem is that they have a different roster every other day, IMO they should just get 1 solid roster and start having some teamwork rather than individual performances. Pauf and Lekr0 will play today and Lekr0 is simply nuts on online matches, he’s insane and with Twist and Schneider playing as well, Ancient just look extremely strong with this line-up.

There have been two BO3’s between these two teams and both went in favour of Ancient although like I said, Ancient change their roster every other day so their roster was different there. They played with Robiin and BENDJI and tbh, I think pauf and lekr0 are upgrades, I think that Ancient will take this BO1 with a really close scoreline. Ancient simply have the better players, anyone can step up from this team. Let’s go with a low bet on Ancient for this one.

Low (5%) on Ancient

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 45:55 Ancient

I would have to say this game feels like a complete 50-50. E-frag have good players and are good on maps such as Inferno and Cache, and I can honestly see the latter being played. A map like this suits Ancient as well, as players such as Twist and schneider especially love this map. This one is really hard to call and could go either way, I would JUST favour Ancient slightly due to their past results and because if their star players go off, then I think they can take this. As I said previously though this game could go either way, and you could argue for a bet on either, I just fancy Ancient a touch.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 50:50 Ancient

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This match is going to be very close. E-Frag is pretty good tier2 team, and they are doing good online. They recently came back from IEM Katowice, they performed well against Tempo Storm (13-16) and they beat nV there too. Although we all know that nV looked a shell of their normal selves but its none the less its a good result for E-Frag. I think most people know dream3r who’s fragging like a machine and was a big miss at IEM Katowice. Theres also v1c7oR who haa a  very good skill level.

Lets see about Ancient. Very good lineup with 5 swedish players, pronax was the best IGL when he played at fnatic, but ofc he’s good now aswell. They have good fraggers like the E-Frag, but they dont have that mentality. 3 of these guys played on fnatic before, but they left because I THINK they dont feel the game anymore and wanna relax in a tier2 team. I feel just Lekr0 wanna do it, because he never played in tier1 team and he wants to move up. 2weeks ago they won the Pantamera against Orgless in the final.

The prize pool is 20.000$, I don’t think that Ancient are prepared enough mentally. E-Frag players currently have 80-100hours past 2weeks, and practicing a lots, Ancient have 40-60hour and some of these hours just were just solo fun. BO1, very risky match but I feel E-Frag will take this one around 16-12.

Low (5%) on E-Frag


My odds for this match: E-frag.net 50:50 Ancient