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E-Frag vs. FaZe at IEM Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


  • Dust2: 60-40 FaZe
  • Inferno: 60-40 FaZe
  • Mirage: 60-40 FaZe
  • Cache: 60-40 FaZe
  • Train: 60-40 FaZe
  • Overpass: 60-40 E-Frag
  • Cobblestone: 60-40 E-Frag


Day 2 of IEM Katowice with group B. IMO the harder group to predict.

E-Frag recently .. I’m not sure what happened to them but they have been going downhill sorta. Back in the day, they were able to upset EnVyUs in a BO1, nearly beat Navi in a BO1, and get close to other tier1 teams but nowadays, not so much. They seem to be lacking and falling behind. As of now, I would call them mid tier2. They are incredibly inconsistent and heavily rely on dream3r when it comes to matches on lan. When dream3r does not have his day, E-Frag will lose all matches in this group.

FaZe have been bootcamping and practising a ton this month, they have worked hard to actually get some results at Katowice and I hope they can prove us how much they’ve practised. FaZe played multiple BO1’s online and are currently 2-0 with two wins against VP. A win over VP isn’t that impressive as VP are slumping but still, it’s a result. We all know FaZe’s fragging power, their aim is insane and when all 5 players turn up, they are able to beat any team really, although all 5 players on point is a thing that rarely happens on FaZe’s line-up, it’s usually one or two players going absolutely ham and I expect that to happen here once again.

Historically this has always been a close match, but with E-Frag rather lacking skill and FaZe practising a ton, I gotta favour FaZe quite a bit here. Sure, E-Frag are usually a scary underdog, but I just think that FaZe will show what they’ve come for.

EDIT: Forgot about the fact that dream3r may not attend to this event, so FaZe should just have this one.

Medium (10%) on FaZe

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 30:70 FaZe

The FaZe boys have been working hard recently to make something of themselves, and made a long post about their poor results and how they were going to be treating this as a full time job from now on, and understanding how they are athletes. It is now time for them to show us they are doing that, and this will be their first big test since they said this. They had some good wins over VP with their new coach Robban and it will be exciting to see what he has been working on with the boys. These are two sides of aimers, with of course Efrag weakened due to dream3r not being allowed to attend. I can see the map ending up on something like Cache, and the boys of FaZe SHOULD be too strong for this match up, and should run away with this game. If Efrag can make their force boys work, it could be close, but I still favour FaZe even with the odds not great.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 30:70 FaZe

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Very interesting match between two great teams, would be way more exciting if E-Frag could attend with their original lineup, unfortunately dream3r isn’t allowed to participate in tournaments organized by ESL and Valve and E-Frag have to use pNshr instead.

E-Frag’s limited map pool is what makes this match interesting for me, they always pick cache, inferno or dust2 as these are basically the only maps they practice, quite problematic for E-Frag as FaZe are great on these three maps and they are way better than E-Frag right now, the situation favors FaZe quite a lot here, the only map they have to get rid of is cobblestone and I’m sure they will remove it. Another thing is that E-Frag’s results with pNshr were pretty bad, all they did was beating a couple of mediocre tier 2 – 3 teams, while FaZe consistently win maps against worlds best teams.

I’m very confident with FaZe here and they should be able to win this match quite convincingly.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 30:70 FaZe

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