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E-Frag vs. FSid3 at APM Predictions

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This match is quite interesting as E-Frag performed way better than FlipSid3 in the recent days, although they pretty much always lose against FlipSid3, seems like they can’t find a good way to counter their playstyle for some reason. Looking at the recent results, E-Frag did a great job qualifying for IEM World Championship in Katowice, they dominated the qualifier without dropping a single map, E-Frag managed to take down AWTR, PENTA, Publiclir, CSGO.one and Gambit Gaming, they played insanely well despite having a stand in (pNshr instead of dream3r). E-Frag also had a couple of decent results before the IEM Qualifiers, the most impressive one was definitely the 2-1 win over Na`Vi, however, E-Frag also managed to beat few lower teams such as faithIN, neXtPlease, iNation, Dead Pixels, BX3 and played two very close matches against NiP and HellRaisers, sadly they lost both.

FlipSid3 are playing surprisingly bad right now, they struggled against an unknown turkish team called “Deathtrap”, beat a couple of medioctre teams such as Rebels, ENCE, Arcade and TeamYP, most of these matches were very close which is quite disappointing as FlipSid3 used to beat very strong teams, now they barely win against mediocre tier 3-4 mixes, other than that, FlipSid3 lost against Vexed, CSGO.one and SK Gaming, I feel like they don’t practice as much as they used to, they seem to be completely careless and burned out, no idea what’s happening with the team, but something is wrong.

Overall I would slightly favour E-Frag here, I feel like they are way better than FlipSid3 at the moment, but it could go either way as FlipSid3 beat them most of the time in the past.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 60:40 FSid3

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This is a much more important game for FlipSid3 than E-frag, with the CIS side currently sitting near the bottom, albeit with only one game played, they could really do with a win here. It will be tough, as E-frag seem to have found their form again. They are always putting a lot of effort into practicing, and the same can be said for Fsid3 recently. In the last 2 weeks, all of their players are hitting around the 90 hours played, which shows they are trying to get over their some what inconsistent performances, and hit a higher level.

This match is a BO2 which will most likely end 1-1. Fsid3 always manage to win their own map, and then it will come down to how they manage to perform on their opponents. Due to this game being close, and it meaning more for the CIS boys than E-frag, I would personally suggest going LOW on Fsid3 and seeing if their high hours in the past few weeks will be enough to edge it slightly. I can see this being a close game, and either side could run away with it, so bet accordingly.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 60:40 FSid3

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