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E-Frag vs. FSid3 at UCC Europe Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


This one is a tough one to call here. You could argue that either team deserves to be the favorites here, and not many would argue with your thoughts, since it is so close. For me here, although in poor form currently, the favorites have to be Flipsid3. Flipsid3 like I keep saying, however then get punished for saying for me is one of the more underrated tier 2 teams out there, when on form. The thing is, their form comes rare. They have some great players in the form of WorldEdit, and Bondik especially, when those two are hitting their shots, especially WorldEdit with that AWP, it is curtains for many teams. Now we saw F3 fall 2-0 in a BO2 to Penta yesterday ,which was really a surprise, however Penta is decent so not too much. I did not think F3 was playing their usual game, they really seemed off point there and seemed to just be weird, I don’t know, they seemed sloppy and just not their usual selves. They are recently back from a LAN, but then again so are E-Frag, so maybe that is the reason behind it all. Statistically speaking F3 has gotten the advantage over E-Frag nearly everytime, quite heavily too when they played, except most recently, where E-Frag managed to get 12 CT rounds on F3 first half, but still only won 16:12. Overall for me this really does come down to who is feeling it on the day, if we see yesterday’s F3, it should be easy for E-Frag, however 55-45 in favor of Flipsid3 here.


Really high risk game, simply going to play the odds here. As long as F3 is below 62%, I will drop 2-3% on them here, however if they are above it, I will go 2-3% on E-Frag here.

My odds = 55:45 F3

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% F3 if under 62%, otherwise 2-3% E-Frag

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 45:55 FSid3

Hello guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. I have been away from hub for a while but from now on i will be back and provide all of you with predictions! Today we will take a look at E-frag facing off against Flipsid3. This match is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA.

We have seen these teams play each other for some time now. Last time was yesterday and we could say E-frag was the better team there. The match was a best of 2 end it ended in a 1-1 score. However Flipsid3 barely took one map. They played Inferno and Cobblestone. E-frag won Inferno with a 16:9 score having a really good CT side. Flipsid3 took cobble with a overtime win ending this map in 19:16.

Normally I would favour flipsid3 to take this series but with there recent performance I don’t think they are able to win this best of 3. Fsid3 has a disadvantage in the veto. According to the other matches played for this league the veto process should be : ban, ban, pick, pick ban, ban. The reason this favour E-frag is that Flipsid3 can only ban 1 map before the pick leaving 1 of the 2 best maps for this team open. You could say this also works the other way around but if E-frag bans Mirage, which they probably do, there is not a lot to favour for Flipsid3. I did some research and most people think the maps will most likely be  overpass, cache, cobble or inferno.

This match is actually still a bit tricky. Like is said I favour E-frag but we have seen Flipsid3 winning against them numerous times before but at the moment I feel like E-frag has the upper hand. For this match I recommend a skip unless you can bet on fanobet. I’m almost 100% sure E-frag will take at least one map. The best thing you could do here is betting on E-frag for winning one map.

If you feel like taking a bit of a risk I would advice you to bet on E-frag otherwise if you’re not confident with them a skip is recommend. This match can still go either way. I personally went low on E-frag and this will also be my advice.

Good luck!



My odds for this match: E-frag.net 55:45 FSid3

Two teams who just faced one another yesterday in a really close game where FS looked really poor on the first map, and then had a close win on the second. You might find it weird for these odds then but you need to remember the record they have against E-frag, which is really impressive. FS have a really good record against the Bulgarian side, their play style seems to counter them and E-frag no matter how well they are playing, always seem to struggle against them.#

I do still think E-frag have the potential to win, but you should never bet against statistics. They never lie, and they tell you things perhaps you wouldn’t of thought of. Because of these reasons, if FS stay below 60-65% odds I would recommend going LOW on them or SKIPPING. I think this could very well go to all 3 maps, with the scores being close, but FS JUST have the edge here.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 40:60 FSid3

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