Operation Kinguin

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Gonna keep shorter since short on time and straight to the point.


This is a game E-Frag should really be taking. I spoke to one of the owners of Hub about this game, he is a UK pro himself so he knows these guys, and he told me exactly what I thought, NerdRage is decent, they can hold their own ground versus teams their level, however in a BO3, this should be straight to the point for E-Frag as long as they take it serious. E-Frag are just a team that aimwise are really skilled, they are good at simply demolishing players via their aim, so they should not have much trouble here, and even their tactical department should be a few steps above NerdRage here. This is a UK version of NerdRage, not the good old that we used to love for Joelz and their ridiculous actions. Eitherway, I could see NerdRage being close to getting a map, or even squeezing one through if E-Frag is not taking it serious, however two? Don’t see it happening here.


Overall, as long as E-Frag take this serious, easy 2-0. This is a tournament which E-Frag should be winning, so it’s an easy 10,000, so I hope they take it serious. So going to go high, 15% on E-Frag as long as they are below 88%, if they are above it, I will just skip. Recommending doing the same here.

My odds = 80-20 E-Frag

My risk = Lowish

My bet = 15% on E-Frag if under 88%, otherwise skip

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 80:20 NR






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