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E-Frag vs. SK at Uprise Champions Cup Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet


Now talking SK, I personally think that they are the better team. I do think that SK has a higher skill cap and has more potential than E-Frag however while both teams disappoint regularly, SK does it more often and at higher levels. I have no idea what is not working in the SK camp, but their consistency is just not there, I feel like they are not working hard enough or something, it’s strange. You can never count out SK, never ever. SK can just turn up on maps and series and own the server, however at the same time they can just belly flop and do nothing, basically what they have been doing online recently, just losing except until the last few weeks where they beat VP, Method, Preparation and Torpedo, not the most impressive of results however better than losing them. This is an important game for SK, given that their group in UCC Season 4 is themselves, E-Frag, DenDD and CPH Wolves, both E-Frag and SK sit at 3 points while CPH and DenDD are at 0, so whoever wins this kinda gets to relax a bit, would not want to be losing as DenDD and especially CPH can trouble SK. Overall I want to like SK, I do think they are better however they are just not showing it for a long time, and it is truly disappointing. Not to mention their weak map pool, they can’t play Dust2 and Inferno, at all and have other weak maps in there. Literally E-Frag has a free map, and I am always like ”Oh it’s Dust2, surely SK can’t be THAT bad on it”, nope, just constantly lose it, every, single, time. It’s truly a frustrating thing to see and basically gives E-Frag a 1-0 advantage even before the series kicks off.

On the E-Frag side, they actually have been showing signs of consistency recently which is nice to see and unexpected. They did lose their most recent game to Ence however that might have been the biggest choke I’ve seen, ok not the biggest but it was drastic. They were up like 9-1 on Ence, lost 16:12 I believe. 2nd map they were up 13:3 or something, I can’t even remember but it was crazy how they managed to lose, should not be happening at all, especially versus a struggling Ence who should just be demoralized at that point. Same thing applies for E-Frag here in the groups, a pretty big must win if they want to have some space for mistakes. E-Frag in recent history has had the advantage of SK by quite a big margin, like they’ve won a good few series and maps over them and it is surprising it has went in the way of E-Frag, however it is what it is. E-Frag can really step up at times, however just like SK, other times they just flop hard themselves so can never be too confident. Overall 55-45 in favor of E-Frag here.


3% E-Frag below 60%, otherwise 3% SK here.

My odds=  55-45 E-Frag

My risk = High

My bet = 3% E-Frag below 60%, otherwise 3% SK here.

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 55:45 SK Gaming

Option 2Bet SK Gaming if odds 40% or less
SK Gaming

Small (3%)

high risk

Hard to call game here. E-frag I feel like are the weaker side, but considering SK has two maps they cannot play at all, E-frag will go into this series with a free map. Picking the veto is really hard as well, as the 2 maps SK likes to play the most, E-frag are good on one of them, and can veto away the second. Cache and Mirage are the maps I am talking about, and I expect E-frag to get rid of Mirage.

SK will most likely remove D2, which will leave them in a tough spot. They will either have to take a risk and pick a map such as Overpass, which they are good on, but not great on, or pick Cache, and give E-frag a big veto advantage. So with it likely being Inferno and Cache, the following map is even harder to pick. E-frag do veto Cobble rather a lot, so I would not be surprised if they got rid of this, with SK liking most of the remaining maps. I think SK will remove Train, which is a map E-frag don’t really play, but have decent results on, and we will be left on Overpass. There is a chance they will veto Overpass and play Train as well, which will be a pretty even map for both sides, and pistols and knife round being important.

Because of the slight veto advantage, I would have to go with an E-frag bet here, but this match really could go either way, and will come down to who is more on their game today. A LOW bet on E-frag the recommendation here, as long as they are below 55%, otherwise you should purely play the odds.

My odds for this match: E-frag.net 55:45 SK Gaming

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Option 2Bet SK Gaming if odds 45% or less
SK Gaming

Small (5%)

high risk

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