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ryx roca ShahZaM fREAKAZOiD seang@res
Hiko s1mple eliGE nitr0 jdm64

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Echo Fox vs. Team Liquid Predictions

Note: New predictions will have multiple recommendations and adapt to the odds coming through from lounge. For the best results, wait as late as possible to place your bet

D2 is the number one upset map. If you don’t believe me, go look it up. There is a lot of ways to play on it and the stronger side can often struggle on over powering the opposition and in that respect it is a quite unique map. Nuke does also feel random, but it also feels like a map where the experience of the Liquid boys will be too much for Echo to handle and the times I have seen Echo on it, it was mainly ryx dominating and the rest lagging behind. You cannot beat liquid with only 1 guy going off. These are of course Bo1’s and I do expect Liquid to take both, but with all being said so far, I will go LOW/ICB on Echo for the first map, and go LOW on Liquid the second.

My odds for this match: EchoFox 40:60 Liquid

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So this is the second map and this time it’s nuke, as I already mentioned in the previous prediction nuke is probably Echo Fox’s best map and they’ve been practicing a lot on it, they wrecked FlipSid3 on ELEAGUE 16-5 on nuke, also beat Winterfox and Pnda, although lost a close match against TSM and got wrecked by Na’Vi, these matches were played quite a while ago and Echo Fox are definitely better on nuke right now.

Liquid also seems to be pretty good on nuke, although the only 3 matches they played were with s1mple on the team, so it makes everything a bit more complicated, I’m sure they are still very good on that map but so far it seems like Liquid are not doing well with Pimp, I mean they played just two maps so it’s not really the right time to judge them yet, although that is a good opportunity for another small bet on Echo Fox, not only because they didn’t go through any changes recently, but also because they feel comfortable on nuke and the odds are very good for a bet on them, so that’s what I would go for.

My odds for this match: EchoFox 55:45 Liquid

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