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Echo Fox vs. The Chiefs eSports Club Predictions

This is the first match for ESEA Global Challenge and I already feel uncomfortable betting on this event, mainly because the level is pretty mediocre there, the best team on that event is Mortal Kombat or Echo Fox, then you have ENCE with a stand in, Alternate who are struggling and 4 weaker teams, nothing worth watching really, maybe the finals will be a bit more interesting. Either way, let’s move onto the important stuff, this match is pretty easy in my opinion, not a big fan of best of one matches on lan events, but Echo Fox are doing better than ever now, while Chiefs can’t even win matches against other Australian teams, so that explains it all, I highly doubt they would randomly beat Echo Fox now.

That being said, Echo Fox is my pick and I’d go with a medium bet on them, but keep in mind what I said earlier, I don’t feel comfortable at all with this event, anything can happen here.

My odds for this match: EchoFox 75:25 Chiefs

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This is one that EF should be taking I believe. The only bad part about this match is the fact that this is a BO1, and we do not see AUS vs NA often at all so it is a bit hard to compare where the teams stand, however EF is one of the better NA teams, Chiefs is decent but meeh. On the global rankings, EF are quite far ahead of Chiefs, just gotta hope they show it on the server. EF does not stand out to me to be the best of teams do bet on in a BO1, however they should be fine here. Chiefs are a decent AUS team however like I said, on the international scene I doubt they can make much of an impact. There of course is hope in a BO1, there always is so you gotta be careful. The tournament isn’t the best, it is ESEA but like 18k for first place, not the worst but yeah, not the best either, not a huge bummer for EF if they lose here. Overall, not much else to say, pretty straight to the point. 75-25 EF here, they should win but go medium max.


8% EF here

My odds = 75-25 EF

My risk = Med

My bet = 8% EF

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: EchoFox 75:25 Chiefs

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