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EchoFox vs. mouz at ELeague Predictions


I don’t even know what to think. We saw EchoFox upset Na’Vi yesterday lol, however that I would like to think was just a bit of a fluke and just shows the power of BO1’s!!! It was Dust2 too so that’s that, however still, credit where it is due. The first map here is Cobblestone and it is one that doesn’t really suit either team. Now on paper, when you look at it historically Mousesports should have this easy, they were one of the best, if not the best Cobble team at like late 2015 kinda thing, and now they just have been looking garbage on it the whole 2018 pretty much lol. I’ve no idea what happened, but it seems Mouse has lost their touch and what not on the map, however I’d still favor them here for obvious reasons. EchoFox doesn’t play the map too much either, at all, and they aren’t the greatest on it. Not their worst, but not the best, and honestly, I do not think we should see more upsets from them. I just do not feel this lineup on international LAN’s, for now at least. Mouse had a bad day yesterday, however I think they can recover, and if they lose to EchoFox, meh they deserve 3rd spot, or even 4th lol depending how poor they continue to bet. Overall, 65-35 in favor of Mouse, it is BO1’s and these recently tend to be more bad than before so eh.


5% Mouz under 72%, otherwise 2% EchoFox

My odds = 65-35 Mouz

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Mouz under 72%, otherwise 2% EchoFox

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: EchoFox 35:65 mousesports

Option 2Bet EchoFox if odds 28% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

So here we have Echo up against maybe the worst Cobble team that has ever existed. While I don’t expect Echo will be gods on the map either, they are certainly skilled enough to cause problems for the mouz side. NiKo goes 100% of the time to drop, so you know where he is coming from and they rely on him completely to open up rounds. If he doesn’t even get 2-3 entries or lurk frags, then they fall to pieces like a crumbly cookie. We have not seen THAT much of Echo on this map, so potentially they could be even worse than mouz, but at these odds, the only logical thing you can go is go LOW on Echo.

My odds for this match: EchoFox 40:60 mousesports

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Option 1Bet mousesports if odds 62% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

So this is another cobblestone match for mousesports, no idea why won’t they just remove this map, they played two matches on it so far, one against FlipSid3 and the other one against Na’Vi, both went extremely bad for mousesports and yet they still play this map for some reason, obviously EchoFox is a weaker team than their previous opponents, but I still don’t understand why won’t they just ban cobble, they are really good on other maps and did very well against FlipSid3 and Na’Vi on mirage & train.

EchoFox is definitely not a bad team, they destroyed Na’Vi on dust2 and that’s huge, they looked really good on that map and I’m curious what can they show on other maps, especially because train didn’t go too well for them, they played on it against Na’Vi and honestly the first half looked fine, EchoFox managed to win 5 rounds on the T side, but Na’Vi quickly finished them off with a 6-1 score on their own T half and won the map 16-6, so EchoFox are not as good on train by the look of things, but overall they are looking good.

I’m definitely not going to bet on mousesports here, it’s just not worth with the way they’ve been playing on that map, I’d rather go with a small bet on EchoFox and even though mousesports is overall a way better team, EchoFox are very good on paper and could easily upset them here.


My odds for this match: EchoFox 50:50 mousesports

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