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Asus ROG Tournament

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Ence vs. ArchAngel at Asus ROG Tournament Predictions

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I guess this will be my first bet on the favorites on this event, I don’t really like ENCE for their inconsistency and lack of changes when things are not working out, however they are pretty good overall and managed to beat a couple of very strong opponents, but at the same time they lost a lof of matches against weaker teams, so their inconsistency is quite scary, but I’d say they make up for it with their map pool, ENCE are very good on many maps.

ArchAngels are playing like crap, I expected way more from this lineup and they just keep getting wrecked, ArchAngels lost against Epiphany Bolt, Delete, LGR, Team X and Epsilon twice, barely beat DarkPassage, NokSuKao and somehow 2-0’d Escape, but it was RGN Pro Series so god knows what happened there. ArchAngels actually had a moment where they looked quite promising, but the recent weeks were terrible for them.

Well I’m not a big fan of this match given that this is a best of one with very one sided odds, but ENCE should be able to win this match and I’ll take that risk.

My odds for this match: Ence 70:30 ArchAngel

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Going into this game I do favour Ence a lot. The performances the last few days of the AA guys does not make me feel confident in them going into this event or this match at all. This is still a BO1 though, and if somehow AA can win both pistols and get on a map such as D2, which is the best upset map, then they for sure have a chance. I do feel that their chances are slim and it will need Ence being incredibly poor and the guys from AA hitting all of their shots. Ence are famous for being inconsistent but seem to perform good at lans. Under 20%, if you wish to bet all you can do is ICB on AA but for me personally I will SKIP.

My odds for this match: Ence 75:25 ArchAngel

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Option 2ICB the underdog

ICB: Inventory Clearing Bet

Pick the team with the lowest odds, place a small amount of skins you don't mind losing.


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