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Ence vs. ATN at Counter Pit League Predictions

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Risky BO2 here, especially as both sides have 0 to very little chance of progressing, they have nothing to play for. ATN looked good yesterday before they crumbled a 12-3 lead against Orgless and drew 1-1. I honestly have no idea how they managed to do this as they seemed to have the win in the bag, but I guess it came down to what I said before, neither side needs to win here or win their games yesterday, so they won’t try as hard.

Interesting though, although the Vexed game meant almost nothing for Ence, they posted a video of them celebrating when they won, which was some what surprising. I say almost nothing because their chance or progressing is so incredibly small, they would need a miracle. Perhaps they are trying to take every game as serious as they can, which would mean in my mind they have the edge here, and more motivation to take the game as well.

I would have to favour Ence in this encounter to take at least 1 map, but with the odds currently how they are, I personally wouldn’t bet on it. If Ence came down to 65% or below, I would suggest going LOW on them or SKIPPING. I never like betting on a team when the game means nothing.

My odds for this match: Ence 65:35 ATN

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This is a BO2, meaning that if it ends in a 1-1 draw, your skins are returned, no winners or losers. This adds an extra cushion of safety for the overdog, in this case Ence. I was watching Ence play Vexed yesterday, in what was a very close and exciting 2:0 win for Ence. Overall they played well so that has to be noted. For me Ence are simply way too inconsistent, they beat Vexed yesterday, however who knows what they will be up to today. Ence are currently bootcamping all together, they’ve got Natu in there I believe so they should be somewhat stable for this game. It is always good when your teammates are next to you so you can pinpoint things, and just overall work things out, definitely an advantage here. ATN on the other side I watched them vs Granted and Orgless yesterday, they beat Granted 2-0, first map demolished them, however second map was a 16:14 win, which is not impressive at all. ATN then beat them first map 16:8 and were leading 2nd map 12:3, however wait for it, they lost 16:12. 0 T rounds on Overpass. So overall ATN were pretty decent yesterday, however at the same time quite worrying. It seems that with ATN they are kinda one map wonders in series, where they will get a map no matter what, or demolish a map but then just fall behind in the next maps. This one is tough to call, due to Ence’s inconsistencies and my overall just uncertainty in them, however 65-35 in favor of Ence here.


5% on Ence here if they are under 72%, otherwise 2-3% ATN here. A good bet might be ATN to win a at least one map here on Fanobet if the odds are good, low on that. However if you are like me and just prefer Lounge, follow the first instruction.

My odds = 65-35 Ence

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Ence if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% ATN

My advice = Same as my bet, or Fanobet ”ATN to win at least one map” if odds are good there.

My odds for this match: Ence 65:35 ATN

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