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Ence vs. Spirit at Operation Kinguin Predictions

I’m getting sick of all those tier 2 matches, seriously I feel like most of the matches between tier 2 teams are 50-50 as there was a lot of upsets happening in the recent time, however I think that the “EZ for ENCE” meme fits here, well maybe not exactly that “EZ”, I just feel like ENCE will take this one, they are definitely more experienced than Spirit’s players and the fact that DavCost was replaced with “NickelBack” also stops me from betting on Spirit, he’s really bad.

ENCE are better skill wise, and their recent results confirm that, they are currently 12-3 in ESEA Premier with one loss each against Spirit and Kalashikov 47, although it was months ago, and a forfeit loss against Alternate, other than that, ENCE managed to beat MK, eSuba, NokSuKao, Lions and LDLC, they are doing really well on ESEA and pretty good in other cups too, ENCE recently managed to beat Preparation, Epsilon and Space Soldiers, lost against Team X and Escape but these teams are very good.

Spirit also had pretty decent results, they are 9-6 in ESEA Premier and most of their wins are forfeits so nothing too impressive there, they did very well in other cups though, beat PRide twice, Escape, Kinguin, DenDD and LDLC, got wrecked against Kinguin in their most recent match yesterday, and also got 2-0’d by Alternate, their match history is looking great with tons of wins, however most of these matches were played with DavCost, and they are not nearly as good with NickelBack, so that’s a massive downgrade.

Not too confident here but I think ENCE will take it and a small bet on them wouldn’t hurt so that’s what I would go for.

My odds for this match: Ence 60:40 Spirit


This is a tough one. I think that Ence is the better team here, Both individually as players and as a team, however Spirit all of a sudden for a long time now have been landing results left right and center. I do not think that Spirit is a horrible team however I do not believe that they are very good either. Spirit managed to beat Kinguin yesterday and that by itself for me seems like quite a nice upset on their part. Ence themselves are so up and down themselves that this match just does not impress me what so ever. Ence should win yes but meh, Ence has lost to worst teams quite regularly before and Spirit I think are over achieving at the moment so meh, really tough one to crack. If Ence shows up and plays like their peak has shown in the past, they should win this. Once again, I do not really rate Spirit at all, they have decent players for a CIS side, however above that meh. Overall 60-40 Ence here, should be ez 4 ence 😛


3% Ence under 67%, otherwise 3% Spirit

My odds = 60-40 Ence

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Ence under 67%, otherwise 3% Spirit

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Ence 60:40 Spirit

Option 2Bet Spirit if odds 33% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Two inconsistent sides going at it with odds that are about right makes this one a hard one to call. I do favour Ence here, at about 60-40, which is about what the odds are at right now. Both sides are hard to gauge. Spirit sometimes really impress me, and other times are incredibly poor. Ence really rely on a few of their inconsistent stars to perform, and when they do, they can beat almost any lower tier sides. When they don’t, that’s when they have big issues. Ence beat Epsilon 2-1, SS 2-1, lost to Escape 2-0. Spirit, beat SS, and Kinguin, before losing to Kinguin on the second game. I do favour Ence here, but under 35% you have to go on Spirit.

My odds for this match: Ence 60:40 Spirit

Option 2Bet Spirit if odds 35% or less

Small (2%)

high risk

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