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EnVyUs vs. Astralis at IEM Predictions

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  • Dust2: 80-20 Astralis
  • Inferno: 60-40 EnVyUs
  • Mirage: 55-45 EnVyUs
  • Cache: 55-45 EnVyUs
  • Train: 55-45 EnVyUs
  • Overpass:??80-20 Astralis
  • Cobblestone: 80-20 EnVyUs


Always a really close BO1 which can usually go either way.??Astralis’s most recent match was a BO3 against Fnatic for Fight Night and this was just a stomp. They got 3-0’ed on maps that favoured them a bit (Overpass, Train). This is just extremely bad from Astralis and should never happen even though it’s Fnatic. Astralis as of right now, don’t feel like a team who will ever become top1 or top2 in the world, they are inconsistent and have a hard time beating tier1 teams. They really rely on Device to make plays. If Device is not on point, Astralis more than likely lose their game.

EnVyUs are just something strange. They are on and off, extremely inconsistent and extremely hard to predict. You really don’t know when they’re on point and when they’re not. Their most recent matches were against VP and this was just bad. They gave VP their first win and nearly gave them a 2nd one, they lost on Cobblestone in OT and nearly lost Mirage as well, two extremely close maps which should never happen against a slumping VP. EnVyUs are not looking on point, but then again, this can change within a minute. It’s EnVyUs.

So like I said, always a 50-50 match but I just feel like nV are favoured on most maps. They have to ban Overpass and Dust2, after that it’s pretty much done, Astralis will ban Cobblestone as it’s their insta-ban. I personally think that nV might have an advantage on Mirage, Cache, Inferno and Train. I personally think nV will win this first BO1 but do realise that it’s still inconsistent nV vs inconsistent Astralis, anything can happen!

Low (5%) on EnVyUs

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 55:45 Astralis

First game of the day and it’s going to be a cracker. Envy are notorious slow starters at events like this, and I have seen them struggle countless times in their first game. The main thing going for them here is they actually have hours on CS. Usually I would check them and they would all have low hours and some having not even played CS for a few days. This time around their hours are pretty comparable to that of astralis, so at least they are not coming in cold. The last time these two met, it seemed a quite one sided affair, and if you break down the demo, astralis out rotated and manoeuvred the French side. The game overall was close, and one thing people forget is, Envy lost both pistols. Instead of being 10-8 down on the second half, they would have been 14-4 up if they had won both, and this shows you how important these rounds are in these games. I feel this game is a tough one to call, and you should go on the underdog, who will for now be astralis.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 50:50 Astralis


So this one is a really tough one to call. Both of these teams are ridiculously close and obviously matches between these two usually go either way, and I do not see it changing here much. Envy does have better history vs Astralis on LAN’s, so that is something going in their favor here, quite heavily too. Matches between these two usually just come down to who is landing their shots here and just feeling it on form really. Considering that this is a BO1, it becomes even more random due to pistols and what not, those are really crucial here. Both of these teams are quite inconsistent, I do not ever feel safe going on either of the teams, and they haven’t either had a good spell of good form in forever it feels like, and I doubt we will see it changing here all too much. I feel like Envy have to be favored here, given the history between these two and the fact that I simply think that Envy when on form, are better than Astralis and recently have shown ever so slightly better form compared to the Astralis guys here. Overall, 55-45 in favor of Envy here, and it’s a really high risk game, just play the odds here.


2-3% Envy if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Astralis. Could really go either way here, expect to lose skins.

My odds = 55-45 Envy

My risk = High

My bet =??2-3% Envy if under 60%, otherwise 2-3% Astralis

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 55:45 Astralis


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