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283.9 Steam Hours
Past 2 weeks

FSid3 Roster assumed

DEVIL kennyS NBK- Happy apEX
wayLander Shara B1ad3 WorldEdit markeloff

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EnVyUs vs. FlipSid3 Predictions


Alrighty so the maps here are Nuke followed by Cobblestone. Not quite sure what Envy was doing here in the veto since statistically speaking, if I am right, the top 3 upset maps are Dust2, Nuke and Cobblestone so that’s a worry here for Envy. Envy does however historically have a good record versus Flipsid3, however meh, this is Envy, and this is Flipsid3. Two teams that can lose to anybody but beat anybody, Envy more often than F3 of course. Flamie said that there will be CIS roster changes soon, and CyberFocus said on VK, a Russian Facebook equivalent pretty much that Electronic is replacing Shara, which I am a huge fan of, I don’t think Electronic is a MASSIVE upgrade, however he definitely is an upgrade. I hope they remove Waylander for Zeus since I think that would be really beneficial. Eitherway, if F3 are having known roster changes then I highly doubt the atmosphere in the team will be good here, and in theory they should be losing. They are already underdogs here, and with this they should suffer even more, HOWEVER ONE GOD DAMN THING YOU LEARN ABOUT FLIPSID3 IS = Back them in a corner and that is when they are the strongest, seriously, so many times F3 have defined all laws of logic, it’s so annoying and frustrating however it is what it is. Not saying it will happen here, however we have to be careful. Nuke is a great map for F3 because it is still somewhat new and not many teams are fluid on it, and we’ve seen upsets left right and center on it, and then Cobble, Envy are good on Cobble however doesn’t mean a upset is beyond the possibility, if WorldEdit and Markeloff can go off then who knows. Overall, Envy should win however be careful, go low at most. 65-35 Envy


5% Envy under 72%, otherwise 2% F3

My odds = 65-35 Envy

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Envy under 72%, otherwise 2% F3

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 65:35 FSid3

Fside yet to win a single map in the Pro League, with rumours of roster changes and electronic added on their team page, does seem to indicate the young star will most likely be replacing shara. This can only be a good move as they clearly need to be doing something. Envy have been looking a bit better lately, with happy being more active and DEV1L stepping his game up a lot in recent games. The maps today are Nuke and Cobble. I don’t really feel good about either, but with the record Fside has right now and perhaps roster changes looming, I don’t feel like you can ever advise someone to go on Fside here. They might very well surprise and take a map but you can’t really bet on it. LOW 2x on Envy.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 65:35 FSid3

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FlipSid3 planned on replacing Shara for quite a while now and they might play with their new 5th today, I believe it will be electronic as many semi-pros from the CIS region confirmed that, it would definitely improve FlipSid3’s fragging power, but they would need some time to get the chemistry going, teach him all the strats and setups, it would take at elast few weeks, either way, nothing is confirmed yet and it’s just speculations, but it’s very likely to happen any day now.

So we have nuke and cobble for this matchup and it’s pretty good for both teams, surely ENVYUS are happy with that map pool as they are the better team here, although I believe that FlipSid3 could upset them twice, ENVYUS are still inconsistent and FlipSid3 managed to get a couple of decent results on these maps, but I believe in kennyS & (r)apEX duo, they’ve been doing better lately and ENVYUS did get a couple of impressive wins, while FlipSid3 went like 4-25 in maps.

Going small on ENVYUS twice, they will either win both or at least one.

My odds for this match: EnVyUs 70:30 FSid3

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